Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tapestry in Motion...

I have always been moved and fascinated by the imagery of the tapestry.....threads being woven together to create something uniquely beautiful. When I step back and take in brief moments where I can see the bigger picture, I am in awe of how God has woven the threads of my own life. Often all I can see at the the the back side of the tapestry...a jumble of threads that can't possibly reveal anything recognizable...much less beautiful. But these threads...heartbreaking experiences, pain and loss, lessons learned, divine appointments, mentors and friends, risks taken...are being quietly linked together to reveal our story and the unique roles we are to play in the larger story of the lives and hearts of those around us.

I had the honor of attending two events this week whose causes I feel passionate about. The threads that have woven my life to intersect over the years with these groups are long and of many colors. I wanted to share more about their causes and encourage looking into your own communities for ways to support and help those who offer hope and healing to souls who are hurting. Agencies such as these need our help and support to continue to reach out to families, women and children in crisis.

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I am blessed to be a part of a group of incredibly amazing and passionate women called "Tapestry in Motion". We meet monthly with a shared vision to develop creative ways to share the message of hope to those on the journey of healing from life's hurts. Some of us were able to attend a beautiful luncheon in support of the Childrens Center of Clackamas County. My dear friend Cristi Dillon was the guest speaker and shared her story of recovery from childhood emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The statistics on child abuse are staggering. We were moved to tears as Tracy Barry, a local news reporter and the Mistress of Ceremonies, told the story of her friend driving down the highway recently and seeing two tiny figures walking alongside the road. She pulled over immediately concerned for their safety. They were two little girls, ages seven and five. All they had with them were their blankets. When asked where they were going the oldest replied, "We just can't take it anymore and we had to leave". These two precious children were experiencing such pain in their own home that they felt the only option was to take their blankets and walk out into the world alone. After this heartbreaking story it was a beautiful moment when one of the ladies from a women's quilting circle presented 25 stunning handmade quilts. The center gives one to each of the children who come through their doors. The Children's Center provides incredibly compassionate and sensitive services to abused children to begin the process of healing. Their website also offers resources and information if you suspect the abuse of a child. They need our voices to break the silence and speak out the truth...they need our hearts and hands to reach out and do whatever we can to bring healing!

Last night I was priviledged to be asked to sing again for the benefit dinner for ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry and Services). Stacey Womack, ARMS founder is an inspiration who ten years ago, as a stay-at-home-Mom, felt God's leading to begin to develop a program that would help women reclaim their lives from the devastation of domestic violence. One in four women experience emotional, psychological, sexual or physical abuse on a daily basis. The agency now offers hope, resources, programs, education and support to women, men and youth in five states. I encourage you to look through the ARMS website which offers insight into the issues of domestic violence, lists of what is abusive behavior and a way out of the soul damage. It could be your friend, a sister, a could be you. As with the issue of child abuse, it is the silence and secrecy that lets these tragedies unfold day in and day out. My hope would be this post might inspire each of us to find a place to support, to give of our resources, gifts and let your thread be woven into the larger be a part of making something beautiful.

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Elena DeAngelis said...

Dear Lani,

My name is Elena DeAngelis, and I am Company Manager for Greensboro Opera Company in Greensboro, NC.

I am trying to reach a fellow artist blogger of yours, Cristina Zinnia Galliher. I found your name on her blog, so I am reaching out to you in hope that you might be able to help.

This fall Greensboro Opera is presenting Donizetti's "Elixir of Love". I was looking on line for inspiration for our marketing and I stumbled across a charming Elixir of Love bottle that she made. I have shared it with my marketing committee and we would love to use the image as our main advertising piece.

Please contact me at or by phone any time at 336-430-0587 if you think you could be of any help.

We have collaborated with other artists over the years and are proud of being a small non-profit opera company who promotes the arts every way we can.

I couldn't find a phone number or any other contact info for Zinnia, but I really do hope to speak to her about this. Her bottle captures the essence of the opera in one glance and I am bubbly with excitement at the thought of being able to use it in our publicity.

I can answer any and all questions you may have, this is totally legit, but I'm sure you may have reservations.

I am such a fan after looking at your blog now, as well, you can be sure that I will check back. I don't suppose that you have anything with Elixir of Love in your portfolio of art?

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Warmest wishes,
Elena DeAngelis