Monday, June 23, 2008

Honor and Give Voice.....

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and sweet comments as my son is back in the hospital and dealing with complications from his previous surgery. My heart is so heavy for him today and it is so hard to watch your child in pain. Many wonderful friends keep reminding me to take care of myself during this difficult time. The best way I have found to do that is to put my fears and heart struggles into art. I found a brief moment of quiet in between trips to the hospital and created another mini ACEO journal as a reminder....that all of our deepest feelings deserve a voice...and a place of honor. This new little journal can be found here on ebay today. May you have the company of a kindred soul today to remind you that you are not alone and always loved!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Share Your Feelings......

Its been hard to squeeze in some time to create lately but my soul desparately needed that release today! The mini journal is actually designed with a sweet little composition book and has an original ATC on the cover and little collage tags inside too. I also played with another set of inspirational art blocks! Both of these new pieces can be found here on ebay! Hopefully next week after hubby's vacation is over (he is in major project mode around the house and backyard), I will find my way back into the studio!

Thought I'd share a little of my husband's garden artistry! His love of gardening always brightens my world and creates a wonderful place to relax and gather your thoughts! May the sun be shining in your corner of the world and if things have been hard...and there have been shadows....may the suns rays usher in warmth and bring light to the darkness!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Seasons of change....

Its been a busy and emotional week! Thanks for all your sweet emails and well wishes for my son! He is doing better every day and was able to attend his graduation ceremony! I know it is such a cliche..but I am really living it....I just can't believe my first born has reached this milestone! During the ceremony, I had this surreal moment when I looked up to the stage and saw the great big sign "Class of 2008". I felt myself floating back to the delivery room and holding my new baby boy in my arms. I remember calculating what year it would be when he graduated high school...the year 2008...which at the time felt like a lifetime away! It was the oddest sensation that swept over me....that he and I had traveled 18 years together! I can feel the whirl of emotions beginning to wash over me these days of what this transition will mean. Whether I am ready or not it is upon me and we are beginning another season. I keep telling him he has time to continue searching for who he wants to figure out what he wants to be. It seems to be the question of the hour from the world when you are eighteen. Its seems so unfair to me that they should feel like they need a neat and tidy answer. I keep reminding him even those of us who are in our late 40's (Ok...that is surreal too!), are still trying to figure that out...are still growing, changing and discovering new things about ourselves....and trying to decide what we want to be when we grow up!

Eight months pregnant and a serious shoulder pad addict! Was I the only one who wore these things under every conceivable piece of clothing...haha! Some merciful soul should have quietly and kindly let me know I looked like a football player! OH my sweet baby...I just can't believe that child is now a young man!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"He sees the me no one sees...and yet He loves me....and chooses me anyway....His heart reaches for my soul...."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Out of Hiding.....

"You invite my fearful heart out of reclaim my dormant wings and risk the soaring heights of healing"

I wanted to share a new card found here on ebay. I haven't had much time for creating art as our life took an unexpected turn a week ago. I have been staying up at the hospital with my oldest son who had emergency surgery. His spirits are slowly rising and his body recovering. Its amazing how quickly life refocuses and what reallly matters becomes crystal clear. The to-do lists go out the window, little things don't matter and all that does matter is being there for your family! Its been a blessing to have this time with him to just sit and quietly be together as he continues to heal. Hopefully we will be back home by the weekend where his recovery can be bathed in the comforts of home!