Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going through the fire.......

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Life has had other plans for me these last couple months. Although my blog has been quiet much is being stirred in my heart. I took a little break through the end of summer from Artist Way as our group enjoyed vacations (my husband and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary in the Carribean) and preparing for the change of seasons. We are gathering again and exploring much new creative territory together.

These days I am trying to go with the ebb and flow of my own unique path, releasing and setting down some things when others rise up and call for my attention...not clutching too tightly to anything and trusting what matters will return to me in the right timing. The healing journey has often asked that of me as unexpected turns can suddenly appear and I must be flexible. This past weekend at church I watched a sweet soul take her first brave steps into her own healing journey. My heart ached as she sang this song as it was the song God used in my own life 12 years ago when I too took my first steps into healing the wounds of my own story. Her beautiful voice touched me and I was compelled to pray for her and for the unknown, dangerous, beautiful, broken and redemptive path that lay before her. The haunting and sweet melody took me back and reminded me of where I have traveled so far and the nearness of God and his provision of support through every step. It marked a new season in my own recovery as well as new layers have been exposed these last few months and God has asked me to go deeper into the fire. For those of you who need to be brave today...and need to take brave steps...I hope this song is an encouragement. You won't ever go alone. When everything else feels shaken to its core...Gods hand won't ever let go.

"She felt the searing heat reach for her through the door of her past...Despite her fears she knew the only way was through the fire"

I wanted to share a beautiful place of healing and encouragment...the Brave Girls Club...these women have been to deep places and have amazing gifts to share!