Thursday, August 30, 2007

Creative Sunrise.....

I love the early morning hours when the sun is just beginning to rise and the house is still and silent. I always feel like I have discovered a secret treasure of time that the world doesn't know exists. There are no pressing needs yet or places to be. God seems nearer in the quiet and my creative spirit is nourished during these sacred moments. Its my favorite way to usher in the new day....thanking Him for the ability to create and the honor of sharing my heart musings. These new art cards came to life in the quiet this morning and can be found on Etsy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


New original art card listed on Etsy today! May your day be blessed!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Breathing Room....

I have been continuing my quest to make space and room to breathe in my studio amidst getting the kids ready for school which starts next week. It never ceases to amaze me how many trinkets and treasures I tuck away with the hopes of some masterpiece I will create one day with them. I have had to laugh this week as the kids see me sort through all this art "stuff" in my studio (and from the cupboards and shelves in the garage..haha). My son said, "Mom, don't you think you shouldn't buy any more frames until you use all the ones you have?". It sounded so rational and logical. But he didn't quite understand that that next frame might just be the perfect one for a collage I have in mind. It is the blessing and curse of the creative brain which can't help but reach for just one more embellishment, rusted piece of metal, cool piece of paper, shell collected at the beach or any number of trinkets that others would just toss. I can't help the visions that burst into my mind as I hold some oddity from the bottom of a box at an estate sale. It is who I am...a creative soul to the depths of my being. But those depths still need to be sorted through now and then so that the creativity can breathe in fresh air.

It is good to make space. Letting go of that which hinders us or doesn't nourish our souls is a healthy task. Uncluttering our lives can be an emotional challenge. Memories and feelings attach to our "stuff" and make it hard to let go. But letting go can be the most freeing gift we can give ourselves. When we open our hands and let go they are now open to receive something new. Its tempting to rush and fill the space but if we can pause in the newfound openness.....and patiently wait....what we most need will find us.

So I am releasing alot of "creative stuff" this week. I have listed many groups of collage items and art on ebay if you'd like to take a peek. Its a beautiful thing when my old stuff can become someone elses new stuff . I know my husband wholeheartedly agrees!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I always feel the natural instinct to "nest" within my home as the tide of summer begins to slowly recede. I am not qute sure what it is I believe is coming but in my heart there is always a soft whisper that says "ready yourself...". Maybe its the hope of another opportunity gently arriving again to follow through on promises to myself, to be more of the mother I want to be to my sons, to reach into my creative depths and allow something new to emerge, to purge the closets, shelves and drawers to make room for fresh ideas or find a forgotten treasure. I just can't resist the urge to prepare and make space as the familiar anticipation overcomes me. Images of cozy fires in our woodstove, the scent of cinnimon spice candles and the warm colors that will begin to fall to the ground usher in a deep sense of introspection. So I ready myself to receive the change of the seasons and nestle in with the hope of what discoveries will await me. This nesting shadowbox seemed a fitting tribute and can be found on Ebay today.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This song just moves me over and over....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Serendipity

I listed this unique little keepsake album on Ebay today that has an original art cart mounted on the cover. I love altering these sweet albums as they are delightful for keeping a special collection of your favorite art cards. The page protectors inside are the perfect size for art cards...serendipity I say!

I seem to be drawn to that word in my art lately. It conjures up such deep and comforting images that remind me we are not alone and life is not just this random accident. We are given these magical moments when we least expect them and often when our souls seem to most need them!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sweet Memories

Made some wonderful memories with family that came in from out of town this past week! Add four kids to our three and the house was full of non-stop activity! Shopping, rowdy bowling games, bike rides, picnics and paddles boats at the lake filled our days. The visit culminated in sharing the divine decadence of smores over the BBQ! I love that space where time gets suspended as you let go of your normal routine and release the day to new adventures and leave the laundry and housework for another day!

We are definately in the wind down to the end of summer with getting everyone ready for school etc! I snuck in some time in the studio today and created an original altered book/journal which I listed on Ebay today. I have kept all my own journals since I was a small child. Life is an incredible mystery and my own personal journals have bore witness to the continueing story of my own soul. Its a miraculous thing to see how God has been weaving your life's story as you look back over the pages of recorded memories, questions, mountaintop experiences, struggles, and heartaches. He has always been trying to reveal or teach me something through the themes that spill across the pages!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Art Party Giveaway Winner!

Its been a crazy day today and I finally got a moment free to do the official drawing! Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and stopping by these last few days! The winner of the "Art Blessing Basket" was.....DRUMROLL please......CarolR! So I look forward to hearing from you Carol and I can send this off to you right away! I plan to have an art blessings drawing every month so I look forward to doing this again!

Friday, August 10, 2007

What is your heart whispering?

Thanks so much to everyone who has been stopping by to join in the art party giveaway! I have all your names collected and will keep adding the names of anyone else who would like to participate up til Saturday night! I'll post the "blessings" winner on Sunday!

Wanted to share some new art cards I fussed on today and are listed on ebay tonight! I think art cards can be wonderful prompts for journaling. What might your heart want to say to you about your own journey based on what these images and thoughts bring up for you? If you can find a quiet moment, I'd invite you to jot them down in a journal or special place of reflection. Sometimes all it takes is quieting ourselves and listening for new insight to emerge.

Seems to be so much on the family calender that studio time is a little short and precious right now! I always feel that summer wind down and build up to the fall upon me in August. The need to make some crazy "last harrah memories" yet get the home life, house and studio organazied for the fall....and thinking I can get more done than I actually can (you know...when pesky reality emerges, haha)! A girl can hope though!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Creative Blessings- Art Party Giveaway!!!

All over the "world" a most fabulous, creative idea is happening that celebrates the artistic heart of so many wonderful artists and friends in the on-line art community....its an art party hosted by Kari at Artsymama to celebrate the publication of Artful Blogging! I received my copy in the mail two days ago and it was full of the most delicious artwork, photograghy and creative musings found in the blogging community! Oh there are so many tutorials, sweet offerings and artsy delights being shared at the "party" by so many talented and warm-hearted souls and I just had to join in the fun! I love to give things away and had been thinking I would love to have an art blessing drawing to share each month and what a perfect day to begin! So I offer a sweet basket that is filled with wonderful creative surprises, supplies and treasures as well as one of my Art Doll Dangles (p.s. her dangling bead "feet" say "praise" and "create")! Anyone who would like to be in the drawing just let me know in the comments section (leave an email or blog link) and I'll throw your name in the "Art Blessing" basket! I will draw a name on Saturday evening and let you all know who I will have the honor of blessing! So run over and check out all the delightful tips, techniques and amazing creative ideas at the party! I think its time for a hot cup of tea and some dove chocolate to celebrate!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Art Words Theme-"Internalize"

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This piece was in response to the "Artwords" theme this week. The call was for an interpretation of the word "internalize". The image of this word peeked my heart's interest. I was immediately drawn to thoughts of how negative messages to conform in our culture can be internalized, invading our hearts and robbing them of their God-given uniqueness. Our eyes can take in an onslaught of images and subtle messages from the world around us that translate into a relentless trap deep within. I think especially for women we are faced with a continual stream of lies in our media in regards to our worth and what we have to look like to claim it. The pricetag of internalizing these lies is a high one. The words on the piece are a little hard to read from the photo but along the left edge ,"success, money, too fat, too thin, good girl, more is better, super woman, perfection, not enough, measure up, anxious heart, hiding, pretending, depression, having it all, shame, emptiness". In the lower right hand corner, "relentless comparison, soul death" and inside the key, "Guard your heart and mind". It is a constant vigil to guard our hearts by monitering who or what takes residence in our minds. Lies about our worth can enter so quietly yet create such unrest and brokenness in our souls. Thankfully they can be stopped at the door and challenged with the truth....that we are created, loved and valued just as we and always!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

"She gently opened her heart
and discovered the depth of her soul"

I finally conquered my hesitation and resistance to exploring a larger canvas today (well 10x10 inches was large for me anyway)! It was such an exercise in moving from the familier to the unknown. I have long been comfortable with small format art and quite honestly had just gotten a bit hunkered down there where it felt safe. My storehouse of paints and white canvas have been whispering my name for some time. So I cleared the island in the kitchen, threw paper everywhere, layed out a rainbow of paints, collage treasures and brushes and sat and contemplated the brilliant white canvas before me....then decided today was the day! Mixing the colors and experimenting really felt as though I was on a ride at the amusement of those ones you knew you had to try but couldn't see yourself coming out in one piece in the end! To my surprise, I emerged from the ride a bit exhilerated and think I might just have to run back and get in line and try this ride again (haha)! You can find this piece for sale here.

A sweet thank you to wonderful artists Kathy Wasilewski and Annieta Vries for nominating me as a "Rockin Girl Blogger". Thanks to Roberta Ferguson for originating the award! I continue to feel like such a babe in the blog world and in awe of the amazing talent and beauty to be found in these artistic journals! This award asks I nominate five others (WOW that was hard) so here are a few gals I noticed hadn't been tagged yet and whose blogs are a visual feast!

Dare to splash some color on the white canvas of your life today!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Butterflies and Pearls

Wings of gentle freedom
gems of irridescent beauty
whispering the bittersweet secret within of hearts that have ached
painful miracles born of a private struggle for release

Wings cocooned in a binding darkness
a grain of sand pierces and wounds innocent flesh
invoking a season of protection that becomes the seed of healing
preparations underway for a time of rebirth
and movement and purpose and joy

Presently flight is hopelessly denied
and beauty hidden within the protective shell
an eternity seems to pass
while the unseen work of transformation
binds pain to tears to mourning

The small cocoon appears lifeless and dull
deep waters submerge a hardened and rough shell
each containing the wrestless and quiet agony
of unbearable lonliness and isolation
where delicate wings and precious jewels seem but a taunting illusion

Within these prisons wait patiently for their treasures
it is only through embracing the stillness required of difficult seasons
that triumphant bursts of colorful wings
and the breathtaking jewels of honored pain
shall adorn untold heights of freedom

Nestle deep within me, Lord
the hope and heart of your creations
sight to see beyond this cursed pain of this temporary confinement
ears to hear and the courage to trust
the bittersweet promises of
butterflies and pearls
(Lani Kent C0pyright 2003)