Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its been awhile since I have played on the small canvas of art cards. I was reminded how much I love this size...these little bursts of creativity where a thought can be explored and brought forth from the inside where it has been the outside in a miniature visual, tactile form. Art cards are like small journal entries for me...a moment in time I can mark and remember...honoring where my heart was traveling and the inspirations and reflections that were stirring. I am so grateful today for the freedom and release that art brings into my life. These cards were listed on ebay this evening!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Altered Journals on Etsy....

Finished a series of colorful and inspirational altered art journals that I thought would each make wonderful holiday gifts for someone special. You can find the majority of these on Etsy and a couple are auctioning on ebay as well. Remember to take a moment to look to the heavens today and whisper something you are especially grateful for this holiday!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ashes of Pain.....

"From the ashes of her raw pain rose the haunting melody of her true voice"

It takes great courage to allow your heart to sink into the music of grief and appreciate the dissonant chords and difficult harmonies. I believe some of the most deeply beautiful music in this life comes to the heart when it embraces loss and tragedy...even the most painful of our wounds. Although it doesn't have to define us it can bring a richness and depth to our voice that we had previously not known. In these seasons there is a unique opportunity to move with the music of pain and receive its hear our true voice rise from the ashes.

This new work is on Ebay this evening. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Our Thanksgiving dinner was filled with warmth and good memories. I was queen of winning our annual "Spoons" game! It was a fight to the death (haha)! I was so relieved to find my way back into the studio today. I usually will find a small treasure I have had hidden away in some drawer that has been patiently waiting to be brought to new life. In this case it was a lovely handpainted face cab I found from Ebay seller "fantasyart00ak". She was so full of majestic royalty! The colors of her headress and cascading locks reminded me of new birth....of moving into her long awaited "Destiny"! She sits in a beautiful fluted glass bottle. So thought I'd share her with you. She can be found on Ebay if you'd like to see a few more pictures!

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Real Me.......

For those whose wings struggle to be free...for those who are dying from be be be seen from behind the veil...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sharing The Art of a Kindred Friend....

I have been blessed to meet so many special friends along this artistic journey. Art seems to provide a unique and unspoken bond between those who delve into the mystery of the creative exploration of soul. I wanted to take a moment and share the beautiful thoughts and artwork of my friend Angie Young. She has a truly sensitive heart for the deeper longings and musings of the soul. Although she is new to sharing her altered art it is a natural transition from her wonderful keepsake scrapbooking art that she lovingly creates to tell the story of her children's lives. These two ATCs and several other touching sentiments can be found on ebay and her scrapbook art and kits for sale can be found here .

I hope you all have a Thanksgiving filled with the warmth of friends and family. I am hosting about 25 family over for the big turkey dinner so it should be festive! I haven't had as much time to create these days but I know my energy is being focused where it needs to be these last weeks...encouraging and being there for family that are going through a difficult season. Life can bring so many changes and challenges. Its been a good time for me to get my own thoughts and priorites in perspective. Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Risk Revelation.....

"Risk revealing who you are so you can live in the revelation of all you were meant to be".........

I have been thinking alot this weekend about our unique story. Each of us has one. Each of us has a road that only we have traveled...with wisdom and gifts of insight only we have learned. It is in the vulnerable sharing of our all their struggle, joy and pain...that it seems our hearts can only then be free to love, give and receive all that we were intended to. More importantly we are then free to reach out to others who are coming up the road behind us...reaching back to offer our hand...reaching back to say...keep going...I know its hard but there is hope. So many struggle alone. Each one can reach back to the one coming behind them though. God intended our souls to be embraced and carried in safe relationship. I hope you'll risk revealing your heart... and reach for someone's hand today.

Friday, November 9, 2007

It Takes Courage.....

"The courage to face the road that has been receive the lessons of what has been... Invites the soul to embrace the journey that beckons ahead...the gentle hope of what can be"

A work that has been dear to my heart. In honor of all those who brave the journey towards healing the soul wounds of the past.

Monday, November 5, 2007

New Greeting Card Gift Sets.....

Set L-"Reveal Your Passion"

Set K-"Rest Your Soul"
Set J-" If Only She Believed"

Set I-"Blue Whimsey"

Set H-" Hope Beckons"

Set G-" Remember Your Wings"

Set F- "Faith Blessings"

Set E-"Faith, Hope, Love"

Set D- "Wings of Change"

Set C-" Love One Another"

Set B-" Journey"

Set A-"Embrace the Courage"
(Click on photos for larger view)

Its always quite a journey for an artist when they revisit the work they have been collecting over time! As I have been working on developing this line and selecting the designs to offer, each one was a quiet reflection on a place my heart was, a struggle I was going through or even a longing in my soul. I love how art captures these moments in time and allows us to look back and see where we have traveled...and discover that just maybe we are slowly growing and embracing the changes that new seasons bring.

I have had several requests for my work in greeting cards so I am really excited to be able to finally offer several gifts sets! Each print in the set of five cards is designed with the highest quality, archival safe, heavy photo paper, mounted on creamy cardstock and comes with an envelope. The set is sweetly tied with a lovely satin ribbon. These cards are wonderful to mat and frame as well! Each set is $19.99 (plus $1.95 for shipping in the USA, $3.95 International)) I thought I would offer them right from my blog. You can email me at if you would like to place an order! These sets will soon be offered as well in my Ebay and Etsy stores!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Art Show....

Well I took my show on the road this weekend and just got back from my first all day art show! It was quite the festive occasion with about 150 other artists and crafters showing their work. I really enjoyed chit chatting with fellow artisians and meeting some wonderful people who strolled by and saw my musings for the first time. There were treats to be had and a terrific live jazz band playing holiday music to add to the creative mood! One of my sweet long time girlfriends hung out with me all day and we got to have some major chick time! There really is nothing like handing your work over to a buyer in person and sharing a little of yourself with them. I have been working on developing a card line with all my art collages from the past few years and enjoyed presenting them at the show. There are a couple of delightful antiques stores in my area that I hope will be carrying them soon! I find myself in a little bit of a transition with some things in the works to begin to share my work more in the recovery and counseling venue. Its truly where my heart is. Its with a sense of peaceful anticipation that I walk through doors God seems to be opening. You just never know what He is up to! I guess all you can do is keep taking the next step. I do hope to get back in the studio and create a few new pieces this week! Have a great weekend and remember to be kind and gentle with yourself and those you share your life with!