Monday, November 12, 2007

Risk Revelation.....

"Risk revealing who you are so you can live in the revelation of all you were meant to be".........

I have been thinking alot this weekend about our unique story. Each of us has one. Each of us has a road that only we have traveled...with wisdom and gifts of insight only we have learned. It is in the vulnerable sharing of our all their struggle, joy and pain...that it seems our hearts can only then be free to love, give and receive all that we were intended to. More importantly we are then free to reach out to others who are coming up the road behind us...reaching back to offer our hand...reaching back to say...keep going...I know its hard but there is hope. So many struggle alone. Each one can reach back to the one coming behind them though. God intended our souls to be embraced and carried in safe relationship. I hope you'll risk revealing your heart... and reach for someone's hand today.


zorana said...

I love your handwriting! I needed those words earlier today... I wrote an email with similar content, but not put so well. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very wise words indeed, bright blessings to you

Alexandra Knittel said...

Wonderful work!

Lisa West said...

I was checking out your Beth Moore link on "words of faith". Is this her actual blog?I love her. thanks Lisa

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I love this post.

I was looking at your
list and seen Living Hope.
Today is the first day I
saw that church on TBN.
I really loved listening
to the service.

May Your Month Be Full
of Blessing's, from the
Lord, Lani!!!

~Izabella said...

oh my!! such beautiful new creations!! today I was nominated for the roar in the world could I have not included you!? I am beside myself these dayz deleriously tired! I need to go add your name to that post~

hope life is beautiful in your your world~

xo !! ~Bella

Izabella~ said...

oops wrong link to my blog ;)