Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its been awhile since I have played on the small canvas of art cards. I was reminded how much I love this size...these little bursts of creativity where a thought can be explored and brought forth from the inside where it has been the outside in a miniature visual, tactile form. Art cards are like small journal entries for me...a moment in time I can mark and remember...honoring where my heart was traveling and the inspirations and reflections that were stirring. I am so grateful today for the freedom and release that art brings into my life. These cards were listed on ebay this evening!


EllesHarbor said...

Hi Lani!~~ New awesome art cards! Your muse has been whispering (or perhaps it's been a bit louder than that) in your ear..and we get to see the beautiful results. *Love* your description of art cards as small journal entries. Reading your written thoughts is always such a pleasure. You write sooo beeeuuutiFULLy. Always fills my spirit up to the brim! ~ Hugs, Laurie ~~ P.S. Blog isn't up & running yet, but gave my Profile a jumpstart - a small, beginning step toward bigger things! Take a peak if you'd like to. xo

Sandy said...

I agree that art really helps us to express ourselves. Your Atc's are wonderful. Come visit my blog as I have posted them items I bought on your etsy!