Thursday, August 2, 2007

Butterflies and Pearls

Wings of gentle freedom
gems of irridescent beauty
whispering the bittersweet secret within of hearts that have ached
painful miracles born of a private struggle for release

Wings cocooned in a binding darkness
a grain of sand pierces and wounds innocent flesh
invoking a season of protection that becomes the seed of healing
preparations underway for a time of rebirth
and movement and purpose and joy

Presently flight is hopelessly denied
and beauty hidden within the protective shell
an eternity seems to pass
while the unseen work of transformation
binds pain to tears to mourning

The small cocoon appears lifeless and dull
deep waters submerge a hardened and rough shell
each containing the wrestless and quiet agony
of unbearable lonliness and isolation
where delicate wings and precious jewels seem but a taunting illusion

Within these prisons wait patiently for their treasures
it is only through embracing the stillness required of difficult seasons
that triumphant bursts of colorful wings
and the breathtaking jewels of honored pain
shall adorn untold heights of freedom

Nestle deep within me, Lord
the hope and heart of your creations
sight to see beyond this cursed pain of this temporary confinement
ears to hear and the courage to trust
the bittersweet promises of
butterflies and pearls
(Lani Kent C0pyright 2003)


red tin heart said...

Lani, you always touch me in the deepest part of my heart with your words and art. Nita

shirleymcc said...

This is both touching and beautiful!

red tin heart said...

It is so hard to see beyond this earthly pain at times. She is beautiful. Nita

Belladonna said...

Hi Lani, your writing is just beautiful, I can hear so much through this journey. thank you for sharing. your poem touched my heart, the pain that we have can be released & knowing that I'm not alone & that I can, & that I will have my wings someday.
thank you Belladonna