Sunday, August 5, 2007

"She gently opened her heart
and discovered the depth of her soul"

I finally conquered my hesitation and resistance to exploring a larger canvas today (well 10x10 inches was large for me anyway)! It was such an exercise in moving from the familier to the unknown. I have long been comfortable with small format art and quite honestly had just gotten a bit hunkered down there where it felt safe. My storehouse of paints and white canvas have been whispering my name for some time. So I cleared the island in the kitchen, threw paper everywhere, layed out a rainbow of paints, collage treasures and brushes and sat and contemplated the brilliant white canvas before me....then decided today was the day! Mixing the colors and experimenting really felt as though I was on a ride at the amusement of those ones you knew you had to try but couldn't see yourself coming out in one piece in the end! To my surprise, I emerged from the ride a bit exhilerated and think I might just have to run back and get in line and try this ride again (haha)! You can find this piece for sale here.

A sweet thank you to wonderful artists Kathy Wasilewski and Annieta Vries for nominating me as a "Rockin Girl Blogger". Thanks to Roberta Ferguson for originating the award! I continue to feel like such a babe in the blog world and in awe of the amazing talent and beauty to be found in these artistic journals! This award asks I nominate five others (WOW that was hard) so here are a few gals I noticed hadn't been tagged yet and whose blogs are a visual feast!

Dare to splash some color on the white canvas of your life today!


red tin heart said...

You did a wonderful job on this, it is visually arresting. I love it. Nita

Anne said...

j'adore ce canvas !! les effets de matières, les couleurs, c'est superbe !!

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful piece, Lani. You are just so talented. All of your artwork touches my heart.

Kristin Hubick said...

Gorgeous art Lani!!! And thanks for the shout out!!!!

Belladonna said...

Wonderful artistic work, love it.. I love the butterfly affirmations. You are so creative, started a healing journal. would love to share someday. not quite ready as of yet.. thanks so much for your inspirations.