Monday, April 21, 2008

Room to Breathe.....

"Dance like no one is watching you
Sing like no one can hear you
Love like you've never been hurt before
Live like its heaven here on earth"

"I am waiting patiently God, Will help come soon?"

Altered tin filled with ten pre-backed art cards!

"One must be willing to open the door beyond fear
To receive the hope of a destiny that lies ahead"

New Altered Tag Book Ensemble lot!

Got in a little creative groove the past few days and have several new pieces to share with you! If you'd like to see all the treasures that fill the chest with the Tag Book Ensemble Lot you can find those and more pictures of the other pieces newly listed on Ebay!

It always helps when I finally clean and reorganize my studio a bit. Seems the room gives space to creatively breathe again and new thoughts and reflections can find their way through. This always seems to be true of daily life too. When the schedule gets too choatic, a relationship too unhealthy or my surroundings are just a plain mess, the peace that comes from hearing God softly speaking to my soul eludes me. But if I reorganize...clear out what isn't nurturing my heart...slow down and get things into perspective...make room to breathe again...God's hope and inspiration begins to find a home in my heart...and I can more freely join Him in creating the life He desires for me. Sometimes its so much more comfortable and safe to live in the chaos though isn't it. Reorganizing can involve hard choices of what needs to go and what needs to stay. It can be really hard releasing things that we no longer need or that have tried to define us...and in the process...confine us. I think it takes courage and faith...and trust. I pray you find one small corner of your life today that you can clean out and have in a state of readiness...for renewed hope and vision! I pray you find the room to breathe....


Victorian Lady said...

Abolutely beautiful and you are so right about needing room to breathe. :)


Denise said...

Your art is just sooo lovely, thank you for sharing. I do agree that we all need to clear the clutter in order to move on! Not always easy !

Heartinmyhand said...

Your art takes my breath away. Love all the detail. I should be in there cleaning out clutter instead of reading blogs. lol

Deb Neerman said...

These are exquisite, Lani!!!

~Hugs, Deb

Aquaréelle said...

Vraiment superbe !!!!