Saturday, July 21, 2007

Secret Corner

" Secret, quiet corner of my world
momentary hush, chaos silenced
whispering breath of God
refuge for heart and soul"..."

Taking time to let the silence and quiet envelop our beings can be such a challenging task in a world that lulls us into a constant stream of activity and pursuit. I think our souls were designed to need afternoons in a cozy corner listening to gentle music or strolling through beauty and hearing nothing but the breeze. Maybe its the chaos in our own minds that longs to be quieted long enough to hear the deepest of our heart be spoken to by someone greater than ourselves. Will we accept the invitation? This is a new original shadowbox I created over the weekend. You can see more images and find it on Ebay this Sunday evening. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Kristin Hubick said...

Lani that's gorgeous!!!!!!

red tin heart said...

I thrive on silence and solitude, not saying that I don't like people, but I need alone time. I love your new work. Nita

Kyla said...

I just found your blog by way of Joanna Perotti / Moss Hill studio. I know I have seen your are on Ebay & I believe I am have a piece or two of some of your earlier pieces.
But I posted to say I love your blog and feel calmer and more at peace just taking the time to visit it. I feel as if it is a place I can visit everyday.

Once Upon a Cottage said...

So Beautiful!

Anne said...

wow c'est superbe !! j'adore ce que vous faites !

Suzan-- said...

Wow!! Your art and blog are fantastic!!! I Love it all!!!


Annieta Vries said...

Dear Lani: found you by the compliments of Joanna and will be one of your new fans!!! And please, please can I add you to my links on my blog?
(if you croll to the end of a page you can click on "vorige berichten" to see the older post).
Have fun creating and blogging, Greetings from The Netherlands!

Aquaréelle said...

Encore une fois, je suis en extase !!!