Sunday, July 15, 2007

Art Card Musings

I got a chance to play in the studio on this lazy and quiet Sunday afternoon. I had been having a bit of a creative lull it seems lately but finally had some inspiration flow into my heart and onto these art cards. Each of these pieces were listed on Ebay today.

The first piece is titled "Transcending". I love the imagery and symbolism of wings.The possibilty of flight and the hope of transcending from our present circumstances or move out of ourselves and into the realm of transformation.

" Secrets Unspoken" ponders revealing the authentic self and speaking that which had remained unspoken. Truth can be bound and silenced. Between bondage and release many great personal battles are waged.

"Free My Heart" calls out to God for restoration and the depth of soul freedom that only He can bring . We must be willing to come as a child and offer our hearts for healing.

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red tin heart said...

I really love this, it is so beautiful. Nita