Friday, July 13, 2007

New Journey

Welcome as I begin to explore the next step in my creative journey. I have been blessed to share my artwork on line the past few years on Ebay and felt it was time to venture into the world of websites and blogging after much encouragement from my wonderful artist friends. My website is currently under construction and as I have time over the rest of the summer I will be adding new work and sharing artistic musings as they find their way into my heart ( and quite honestly as I figure out all the ins and outs of how to manage the computer!). Taking new steps requires such patience and generous amounts of mercy and grace! My hope is, eventually, this might be an encouraging refuge of images, thoughts and words....a place to take a few minutes, breathe, take in fresh beauty and soulful reflections . So thanks for stopping by......


jpierotti said...

Lani, just beautiful, your blog and website, design wise. I love it!! Congrats on taking this big step. I really think you will find much joy in this new journey. Let me know when I can link you to my blog. I so look forward to seeing all that blossoms here. You and your art are amazing. Just more of you by doing this so many more will be blessed.
love and hugs,

Manastash said...

Lani, I am so glad that you have created this beautiful blog. I will be checking back often to be awed and inspired by your beautiful and enlightened work.

You have a true quality of healing that comes over the wires. It is a gift. Thank you for sharing it.