Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kindred Spirit Friends

I spent some time today with a friend of the heart. We need friends in our lives that encourage our passions and cradle our tears. Friends in whose presence we can breathe fully. To be this kind of friend to another is one of life's most precious experiences that offers so many opportunities for growth. It just asks that we listen and offer ourselves in authenticity and transparency. To walk alongside and share in the journey of a friend can deepen our understanding of ourselves and the path we also find ourselves on. I looked around the room my friend and I found ourselves in..... pairs and groups leaned in towards each other over cups of designer coffees...sharing their week's triumphs and failures....and was grateful to have kindred friends sprinkled throughout so many phases of my own life.

So thank a precious friend today. Give of yourself maybe in a way you have not dared before. Allow someone to be truly who they are in your presence. Watch the walls melt away.

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red tin heart said...

We really do need kindred spirits in our lives . I love that you write about encouraging people, because I like to do the same. And the part about offering ourselves in transparency. That's really good. Nita