Saturday, July 14, 2007


I have always been drawn to images of innocence in my art. There is a depth of purity to found in the eyes of these innocent babes that pulls at my heart. For each sweet child that finds his or her way into one of my collages I always pray there is one child being found, saved, nurtured and loved in this world. So much heartache seems to come into the lives of these precious ones. I was reminded again with yet another news story last night. Remember to reach out in love to the children God places in your path. Speak into their lives. Take the opportunity to tell them of their great worth and amazing uniqueness. Teach them something new and miraculous. Make them feel safe. We each have an endless supply of love to give. Love is a natural resource and our greatest gift.


Kristin Hubick said...

Lani, your new blog is amazing! I found it through Miss Mossy's Blog! And your banner is amazing! I would love to exchange blog links with you if you're interested so I can keep checking in!

Kristin Hubick said...

hey honey! Thanks for adding me.. I added you but it's not showing up yet on my end... but when I hit "customize" it's there. I'm sure it will show up soon. BTW, no big deal, but my first name is spelled with an i, not an e. I've thought about having it changed since it happens so much! Again, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog and website!!!!!