Friday, October 31, 2008

Sewn With Love and Healing......

I wanted to share the work of two sweet souls I had the pleasure of meeting at the Betrayal Redeemed Conference I offered my artwork at last week. Alexis Aho of DadzDesigns and Jeanette Knittle of Wordz of Life (mother and daughter) shared a vendor table together and work that touched my heart. Each had a passion for creating art out of their own difficult experiences and hoped that what they had to offer would bring encouragement and hope to others. The healing potential in the creative gifts is such a beautiful thing! I just loved the adorable and oh so cuddly dolls that Alexis created. Each is a sweet original and handsewn with bits and pieces of discarded remnants and embellishments. On her Etsy store profile Alexis says:

"I have always seen others and myself as rag dollz...we have been stuffed and stitched up time and time again. Dealing with the painful stuff in life can leave scars and inevitably helps shape us into who we are.While there is healing for me in the process of making these dollz, I pray that they will bring some comfort and peace to the minds and hearts of those who need healing, or are on the pathway of healing already. These dollz are stuffed with the love of God and the constant prayers of healing, encouragement, peace, wisdom, and strength that flow from my lips."

And Jeanette shares these words on creating her sweet handstitched patchwork ornaments and framed and custom original stitchwork:

"Wordz of Life was born out of a time of pain and hurt in my life. As I was working through this pain, seeking to know God more, to be closer to Him; He began to speak to me about words. His words. THE Word. The healing power that is in every word of scripture, whether it is written, spoken, or in my case, stitched. And so I began to stitch. For me it became therapy. “There is healing in the stitching” was a phrase I felt Him whisper to my heart time after time as I sewed one stitch after the other. And I AM healing. I am grateful. I am joyful…. I am free!"

Be sure to follow the links above and stop by and see each of their Etsy stores! Also, there are a couple more days left in my Art Blessing Blog Giveaway (details in the post below). Hope you'll leave me your name so I can add you in on the drawing! Happy Fall!!!

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*SHeRRy B* said...

They are both wonderful and what inspiraton! Thank you for sharing. I needed a little uplifting!