Monday, October 20, 2008

Highlights from a Busy Week!

Our Northwest fall rain has arrived and today is one of those days when I think I will not do much else other than play beautiful music, keep a hot pot of tea brewing, light some yummy fall candles and just take one deep breath after another. I had a week filled with memorable activity and thought I'd share some of the highlights! (Be sure to pause the music playing on the lower right hand sidebar before viewing):


I don't think I could find enough words to describe how utterly amazing this concert was! My husband could not have given me a more incredible birthday gift earlier in the year when he presented me with two tickets to her concert. It sold out so fast I felt like I have had in my possession two Willy Wonka golden tickets while I awaited for October 16th to arrive!! Even though Dave couldn't go due to work I was able to take my Mom who was a big Celine fan and make some "we will never forget this night" memories with her. We got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam for an hour, missed the pre-show (OK I was about to come unglued at this point) but thankfully we got to our seats just before she arrived on stage. The production, dancers, musicians, lights, videos, and staging were unbelievable...and her voice...well...beautiful, powerful and goosebump-filled perfection! For the little girl in me who spent many nights dreaming of being a singer...this felt like a true fantasy night!

Well if you'll indulge me for a little are a couple of my favorites!

The rest of the week was in preparation for my neices wedding! We had family in town for the event and it was a beautiful ceremony! It was very emotional as my son played the piano while all the guests arrived and then played a self-composed piece for my neice to walk down the aisle to. God has gifted him with the most incedible natural ability to play. It was such a blessing to see him have this opportunity to do what brings him such release! I was honored to sing two pieces that were special to my neice and then it was off to a lovely reception!

I savor these moments when we are all together...and my men are all miraculously dressed in suits!!! They clean up pretty well eh!

The week finished off with a fabulous time with Lisa Kaus for her "Home Sweet Home" workshop. I truly had the most wonderful day creating in her amazing, eye-candy-filled studio! She is the greatest teacher, her home is a delight and lunch on her patio was delicious...crystal goblets filled with sparkling cider, fajitas and fall decorated cupcakes! I was thrilled to discover my friend Michelle Allen was attending the workshop and her mom, Karla Dornacher who was such a special soul to meet and share time with. Each of the houses that were created were so incredibly unique. They were covered with beeswax as a finishing touch! I was so inspired by all that Lisa taught us and hope to get a chance to find my creative muse this week. Life has been so incredibly busy these last few weeks and I haven't been able to spend much time in the studio but after yesterday... I am itching for some creative play!

......................You can click on photos for a larger view!


Teri Leigh said...

WOW! You have had some fun times lately. Your house turned out really well. I can't wait to see it in person. I will have to take a class from Lisa some time.

PCarriker said...

Well, first let me say it is an honor to have you visit my blog:-) I am so looking forward to being at the next ZNE convenzione and hopefully meeting you and others there. I am originally from the great state of washington, and love Portland, especially the zoo when I was little. It always is so great to 'meet' people on the blogs who are from my neck of the woods. I love the house you did, I am sure Lisa teaches awesome classes. Thank you for entering my drawing, fingers crossed for you:-)

Ro Bruhn said...

What a beautiful house, the class looked fun, Lisa's studio looks like a wonderful place to have a class.
What handsome men you have too.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I wish You a Happy Belated Birthday,
I wish You a Happy Belated Birthday,
I wish You a Happy Belated Birthday, Happy Birthday to You,
and Many More.....

God send You showers of Blessings!

I'll play a tune on my Violin in Celebration of Your Day!

Love the house and what a great way to celebrate your birthday!

joanna said...

Lani, did you just have a birthday? Happy Birthday girlfriend!

Wow, your life has been so full of rich activities. Love your piece from Lisa's class (my dream to come and take one from her) and how exciting to have seen Celine in concert. I can only imgaine how wonderful that would be. I love her and her music.

call me soon
xo joanna