Friday, October 10, 2008

Giving and Blessing.....

I joined a wonderful movement today that I am excited to participate in! Its called the 29 Day Giving Challenge. My heart is just bursting with ideas of how to let this idea flow through and express itself to those God might bring to my heart and mind. You can hear more about this beautiful story below and maybe you might feel led to join in and see where it takes you! (be sure to pause the music on my blog on the right sidebar below before viewing):

You can peek in and follow more about my journey in the coming weeks on my giving page at the site home.

I opened my home yesterday to welcome the gals for our monthy Art Journaling group. My dear friend Jaron shared her many creative gifts and talents and taught us how to bind and create our own journals. She is a wonderful teacher and has a depth to her art journaling that always moves and inspires me. This week it was a treat to welcome Paulette Insall and give her a hug in person! Check out Michelle's blog for more great pics of the day! I really encourage you to gather together where you are...maybe find a few other kindred souls...invite them together...share you heart and who you are with each other...journey together. Artists especially can find they spend alot of time alone (a creative necessity for many of us) but our souls were never meant to travel without some companionship and encouragement along the way. Its worth the risk to maybe move outside your comfort zone and bring others into your life...right where you are...with all that you are...maybe you can be a safe place for someone. I look forward to sharing our progress over the coming months as we take some new risks ourselves in the pages of our art journals.


Regina said...

I love the idea of a journaling group. I meet with friends twice each month to paint (mostly watercolor artists) and encourage one another with input & critique on our works. We've organized group shows which have been a great preparing me for solo shows that I have coming up next year.
Thanks for sharing about the journaling group. Maybe I can get a group going in my area.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Thanks for the 29 day Challenge link. I'm letting others know.

The Journaling group looks like so much fun. Enjoying updates!

I started another blog using a cheap copy of a magnadoodle.

God Bless You and Yours and Your Journaling Group!!!