Sunday, November 2, 2008

Art Card Musings and Giveaway Winner......

"Desperate Heart...
...hear my cry"

"Secrets...the pain was hidden in the shadows of her soul"

New art cards that can be found here on Ebay.

ART BLESSING GIVEAWAY WINNER: Thank you so much to everyone who participated and shared a small part of your grateful heart with me in your wonderful comments! I am excited to announce that the winner of the drawing is Yvette Adams of "The Charm House"! Be sure to stop by Yvettte's beautiful blog! It is filled with inspiration and a warm and inviting spirit!

1 comment:

The Charm House said...

Oh my goodness.... I have never won a giveaway and I know I have signed up for over a hundred!!! And to win yours, I feel so blessed this morning! I can't believe it! I am getting ready for my monthly treatment today and the treatment is not as bad as the next few days. Lani, this could not have come at a better time!Joy, Joy, Joy! YOU have made this treatment so much easier! Thank you! God is good~ All the time!