Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Can Only Be Me.....

I recently discovered the beautiful music of Eva Cassidy. Although Eva lost a battle with cancer in 1996, and died so very young at age 33, her voice impacted so many who knew and loved her. She considered herself an interpreter of songs others had written and performed mainly in small clubs etc before her death. She was relatively unknown prior to her death but her recordings and artwork are availiable from several websites offered now in her honor. I think I felt drawn to her music as many of the songs she chose to sing were long time favorites of my own. I thought this was a beautiful version of a song originally done by Stevie Wonder called "I Can Only Be Me".

The first three songs currently playing on my blog, "Over the Rainbow", "Autumn Leaves" and "Songbird" are all renditions by Eva as well. When you are finished listening or at any time you are ready, be sure to turn the music off on the lower right sidebar of my blog before viewing the video below.

I Can Only Be Me

Butterflies begin,
from having been a larva,
As a child is born,
from being in a mother's womb,
But how many times,
have you wished you were some other;
Someone than who you are.

Yet who's to say that if
all were uncovered,
You will like what you see;
You can only be you,
as I can only be me.

Flowers can not bloom,
until it is their season,
As we would not be here,
unless it was our destiny,
But how many times,
have you wished to be in spaces,
Times, places than what you were.

Yet who's to say with
unfamiliar faces,
You could any more be;
Loving you that you'd see,
You can only be you,
as I can only be me

I can only be me.


Anonymous said...

I am visting your blog from England. I have been a big fan of Eva Cassidy for many a year now .I have about 5 cd's of hers .She has a truly beautiful voice and the 3 songs you have playing on your blog are some of my favourites by Eva.
It is such a shame that Eva passed away at such a youg age .
I love your art work and creations , they are so inspiring.
Love Lorraine x

Sharon said...

Hi I enjoyed this song.. and will share it to encourage others..
I am visiting your journal from Australia!! One of my gifts to God is to encourage and inspire others.. something HE blesses me to do!!

I was searching for healing encouragement and that is how I found you!! :)

God richly bless you..