Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hopeful words to share........

Attended an amazing workshop recently with the poet and writer Ana Callan . Such a tender and gentle soul whose insight into the depth and soul of poetry was such a deep encouragement to me. Thought I would share a piece written from my heart that day and hope it will bless yours........

Revealing while yet still in revelation
the hidden shadows and whispers of the emerging voices
receiving, holding, listening, believing

Reaching into the unfamiliar yet known
image of the core small form of the innocence of me
rocking, caressing, touching, releasing

Remembering the visions and untethered spirit
of the unique child that was of an existance before
untouched, unhurt, unfractured, unashamed

Offering a sweet and safe invitation
bathed in the hope of renewal and a more gentle rebirth
crying, aching, grieving, mourning

Braving exposure of the dormant inner passions
that have simmered in gentle and quiet childlike anticipation
creating, speaking, singing, healing

Lani Kent Copyright 2008

A sweet friend shared this song with me today. I pray grace finds you this day and mercy gives you the courage to hope... to imagine all that is possible for you!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful message!!! Thanks for sharing it! *HUGS*

Lisa West said...

Wonderful!! Thank you and I pray many fellow bloggers listen even if they are not believers...we can only pray they find their way with all the little pieces we leave along the way.