Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lovely Weekend!

I had a chance to create a large set of custom Altered Art Therapy Blocks for the counseling office of a good friend. This set will sit on the table in the waiting room and hopefully bring encouragement to those who come through the door and have a few minutes to play with and ponder the messages the blocks can reveal. I know many of you have requested more block sets and I am hoping to get several new sets made next week. Between family committments and new directions that have been unfolding, I don't seem to be able to have alot of time in the studio. I know these seasons ebb and flow though. Creative ideas continue to bubble up and I look forward to having them burst open in the studio in their right time!

I have had some hopeful developments with my writing and am currently having some of my poetic and inspiratonal writings put through a marketing review process for possible publication. The conversations with the editor have really inspired that first love of mine! As a young girl writing stories, essays and poetry was a haven for me. The process of creating with words brings my heart that same sense of spiritual and emotional connection that mixed media art has offered. What I love about new opportunitues is even if the outcome is not necessarily what we had hoped (ie. getting the piece published), the learning along the way is such a blessing. Sometimes we are taken down paths that we think are heading one way only to find out it was the journey, lessons and insight that later served us in a situation we did not even know was developing! Being flexible and holding on with hands that are also willing to let go if needed seems to be the key!

Shared a beautiful evening with my husband this weekend. He was honored by his company at an awards dinner and they generously gifted him with a weekend getaway for us both! The event, amazing food, music and relaxation was a much needed time away for us both! We felt blessed by the pampering!


Staci Danford said...

Beautiful Work.. It is so truly clear from your writing that you are a beautiful person inside as well as out. How excited I am to have found your blog and be inspired by your work. God bless along all your paths.

My Journey to Hope said...

Inspiration blocks- what a great idea! You are really creative!

It's so nice to read about someone else with a passion for writing, creating art, music, and helping restore people.

You have such a beautiful heart. I hope your work is published so you can reach even more people with your story of hope and healing.


My Journey to Hope said...

Thank you for your sweet comments. I do love my kiddos. It helps me a lot to remember the small things that make me happy. God bless!


lorhen82 said...

Lani, I wish you the best with whatever paths God takes you on. You have so many talents. Great pic of you and your husband on your special night! ~Lori

Teri Leigh said...

What a beautiful block set. AMAZING! I love it! I'm glad you and your hubby got some time to yourselves. What a handsome couple you are.

Joyfulsister said...

Thank you for such an encourageing and uplifting site. My heart had been blessed, and my soul has been touch, and my spirit inspired today.

Blessings Lorie

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful pic of you and your hubby on your special night. Hope it was grand!
Your block set is simply amazing... you are such an inspiration!

Gaby xo

Valerianas Studio said...

I just love your art blocks, they are so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Lani! You and your husband look smashing! I hope you had a wonderful time with him celebrating!



Janny said...

So gorgeous work and your picture;o)

Renee said...

The blocks are amazing, I have never seen them before.

I will keep my open for them.

I am sure they will encourage as reading them encouraged me.


Love Renee