Monday, March 23, 2009

Body Reconciliation.......

So much to share. Its been such a week of deep emotions...I have needed time to just process all that is being woven around, under, over and through my heart. But first, I am so sorry for the delay in announcing the Art Blessing Giveaway winner! All of your names were gathered in my butterfly box and it gives me great joy to bless Susan Baldwin (Blog, "JensmeresJoy") with the little handmade journal. Please take a moment to stop by her inspirational blog! Thank you to everyone for your sharing and encouragement! Although I may not always be able to respond to all of your comments, please know each are cherished and I am honored that you took a few minutes to share your hearts!

This is a very special week in watching the seeds burst through the soil of a dream that I have shared with several woman who have traveled the long journey to recovery from sexual abuse and to healing our relationship with our bodies. Many years ago, there were several of us whose paths began to cross, hearts were shared, tears shed and journeys traveled. Over time, and difficult years of each indivually working through our own painful pasts, we began to share a vision to see our creative energies and gifts brought together to offer a safe place where those who had been hurt could come and experience healing in heart, spirit, body and soul. Tonight marks the opening of the Non-Profit called "Body Reconciliation" that I am so blessed to be a part of. My dear friend, Cristi Dillon, is founder of this sacred place and she and several other dear friends have partnered together to begin to offer workshops, resources, speakers, and other events for those in our community who seek healing and a healthy relationship with the bodies they call home. We all took part in a recently filmed news story by Tracy Barry of our local Channel 8 News. The story aired tonight and can be seen here at the website (Giving Back: Healing Abuse Survivors). It was a huge step of faith to reveal ourselves this way but we each know God has been leading this process all along and we are simply stepping into our part of His larger redemptive story.

So tonight I sit in awe of how God is redeeming what was painfully stolen from each of us as little girls. My deepest prayer is that by sharing this message of hope we might be able to touch one other "little girl" out there who suffers in silence and is needing to find a safe place to reveal her heart, heal the shame...and come home to her body. If you would like to encourage our vision your prayers for this place would be greatly appreciated. For those who would like to financially support this new non -profit, information can be found on the Body Reconciliation website link above!


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Lani..
Congrats to the winner of your give away, she is a bloggy friend of mine and I enjoy her blog as well!! I recieved the bookmark and beautiful card, I have it in my journal of poems. (smiles)

Hugz Lorie

sherry lee said...

Lani, as a survivor myself, I applaud you and your friends for starting this wonderful initiative. My sister was not successful in being able to survive this trauma -- physically or emotionally and it is efforts like this that will make a difference. As always, you are a blessing of healing, soul comfort and love.

Jensmere said...

Oh Lani...I could hardly hold back the tears as I read your post! How wonderful to see a dream fulfilled, especially when it is a dream for restoration and ministry to those who are hurting! Bless you, dear sister!

Thank you soooooo much for the beautiful journal! As an artist myself, I love expressing myself through a lovely journal...and this one is a beautiful work of art. I so enjoy your blog, your art, your jewelry... and especially your kind and loving spirit that comes through!

Bless you, dear one...
Susan (

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lani. As usual, you amaze me. I don't have time to watch the segment right now, but I will before the day is out.

I'm doing the Beth Moore Esther bible study and she just said last week that transparency will be what ultimately fulfills our destiny.

I'm still struggling with the transparency part, but you're such an inspiration in that area for me.

~ Cheri

P.S. We got my son's final test results back . . . . he's 100% healthy, praise God!

Lisa West said...

I am always so inspired by your work and touched by your journey. You truely have a gift of healing through our Lord. I wanted let you know I have acknowledged my top 10 favorite blogs and you are one of them. You do not need to do anything, I just wanted to give fellow bloggers the opportunity to see and experience your art that may not otherwise find you. God Bless, Lisa

Staci Danford said...

Everytime I visit your site it brings my soul to such emotion that I can not explain. I know God is watching over your site if it can touch someone way over in Texas.. I too was abused and understand the hurt and lifelong scars it leaves behind. Ones I battle everyday to overcome. May God bless each step you make.

Jensmere said...

Lani...the sweet little journal arrived yesterday! IT IS MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON THAN IN THE PHOTO!!!

I have a special task for my little journal. I lost my dear Mother two years ago this month and there are still days that I ache to talk with her.

When I held the little book in my hands for the first time, I thought to myself, 'Mother would love this'! So, I decided right then that this journal has a special mission. It will contain all the thoughts,ideas, joys, etc that I long to share with my Mother.

Thanks again for the your generosity in giving away such a beautiful piece of art!

Bless you,