Monday, July 21, 2008

God's Reality.....

We all have moments where a tiny voice breaks through the veneer and dares to ask the most vulnerable questions of God...if we are really honest with ourselves and our imperfect hearts...we wonder if God is real. Even the most perfect looking woman next to you at church or the one who seems to always have the "right christian thing" to say in response to your situation...even she will hear the question echo in her soul. We are only human. The hurts and dissapointments of this life can leave us on unsteady ground and hungering for what is real and solid...for a truth that won't change on us. Its so easy to forget the times He has shown His reality to us. As soon as heart wounds, struggles or loss appear on the horizon...the little voice whispers again...and wonders...and wrestles...and has to decide again to believe...God was real then and now.

You can scroll down and disable the music playing on my "Playlist" on the right side of my blog before you watch this. May this song and images speak to your heart today!

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signsoftimensuch said...

this was very special...hugs, cheryl