Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sweet Child of Promise......

"Sweet child of promise...God delights in all that you are...and are becoming"
Had a wonderful weekend celebrating my oldest son's 18th birthday! Filled the house with teenagers for a good old fashioned surprise party! What a milestone. What a transition for Mom! I still can't believe we are at this phase of parenting. It is such a cliche...but the time truly does fly. I really do feel like I was just rocking my 6 foot three boy in my arms yesterday. So begins the wild ride of senior year activities! I created this shadowbox as I was thinking on the hopes and dreams each child brings into this world. God so loves each of His precious children. What an honor to nurture their hearts and watch them grow! You can find this piece on Ebay!


Christine said...

I'm so glad I found your blog.
You are so talented!

izabella said...

oh my gosh Lani...your hair!! I guess I haven't seen a photo of you for a while! Love it!!

Just wanted to send you big congrats on your page on Art E Zine, it looks beautiful!

hope all is beautiful in world my sweet friend!!


JoAnnA Pierotti said...

look how beautiful you are with your son. Did you cut your hair? Looks great.

Love your block page on Artezine...very cool.

Thank you for stopping by Cathleen's blog. We've been friends since we were 22 yrs old. She has always been so creative, that I'm so happy she is back to doing that.

love and hugs,