Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rainy Day Treasures....

Such a wonderfully relaxing day. Truly a rainy Northwest cozy kind of day! While I nestled in the studio today my sweet youngest boy caught his first fish (well the first one that was legal to haul home)! It was a fish worthy of some hoopla here at the Kent house...all 20 pounds of it! There is nothing better than fishing early Sunday morning with Dad in his book! So while the guys were away Mom did play! I created several new pieces that were all listed on ebay.

Feel like I am finding my artistic "mojo" again. I had a friend ask me recently what kind of art I do. That always feels like a bit of an intimidating question. Like you are just waiting for the art police to jump out and arrest you for falsely impersonating a real artist! I sometimes envy artists who have a real recognizable style. One glance and you would know their work anywhere. I seem to wander and stroll down any number of creative paths, artistic moods and palettes...a little of this...a little of that! I couldn't really narrow down an answer for my friend. But what I did say felt true for me..." I just fuss and play with whatever inspires me in the moment !". I guess it was a legal answer...the art police never did come after me!


She Who Flies said...

These two pieces are so beautiful! I understand and share your view on making art. And really, we should not have to define our creations :-)

Susan Tuttle said...

Ooooos and ahhhhs all around!! Beautiful!!


shirleymcc said...

Amazing, Lani!!!!
I am in awe of your talent!


so beautiful!! I'm heading over to your ebay site to view them..
can you put pictures of others children in your works? I'd like something like that for my sons room.

Awesome with your little ones fishing excursion..that's wonderful!!! Everyones fishing-SOUL's fishing, your guy's fishing..I want to fish!

Deb said...

These are WONDERFUL! You are becoming such a fantastic artist - I see you evolving more and more. So, so proud of you!


Aquaréelle said...

Superbe comme toujours !!