Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrating the Journey!

Shared a beautiful evening last night at a Pink Party celebrating the journey of a dear friend who has courageously walked though breast cancer this year. I love what women bring to each others lives. So many heartfelt conversations about whats important and the beauty that life's heartaches and struggles ultimately reveal. Pretenses get left at the door and life comes into the sharp focus when these kind of journey's are entered into. Hearts are opened wider, words that had not been spoken are shared and hands offer to help in the most meaningful and creative ways. My friend said looking back she is grateful for what the path gave her. She wouldn't trade it now. Pain brings us some of the most treasured gifts. As much as we might wish to never have to experience the difficult paths, death, grief, sadness, these valleys we find parts of our heart we might never have otherwise discovered. Its the opportunity to understand deeper truths. We see more clearly into the lives of those around us, reach for them and receive more willingly. That is the beauty in pain and struggle. To be in it but surrounded, allowing yourself to be held and celebrated. Let your pain speak into another's life. Let their support and love speak into yours.

I have been busy writing and doing alot of work for a presentation I will be giving soon and haven't had too much time in the studio. It was a treat to create this special set of collage art blocks for a dear customer this week and thought I'd share them with you!


Carmen said...

Love these art blocks! They are gorgeous!!!

MaygreenFairies said...

Your boxes are beautiful! And what a wonderful evening you shared with your friends! So wonderful to read that your friend is through her breast cancer. xx

Eileen said...

Congratulations to your friend for her courageous battle with cancer! And bless you for being there for her when she needed you!

My best friend, who lost her battle a little over a year ago, always referred to it as a journey and a path as well. I learned a lot from being on that journey with her until the path came to an end.

I wish you many, many more years with your friend! cherish them!

Meet my friend, Sherry, here -


neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Your Blog is absolutely Beautiful!
Your creations are Stunning! Your cupcakes look yummmmmmmmmmy!
I really enjoyed my visit.
Thank you for sharing!



Renee said...

I am not grateful for anything inflammatory breast cancer has given me. Absolutely nothing. I guess I have always had great relationships and always saw the brids and heard them sing.

I think it may have been different if I had any stage other than 4 for my cancer, because for me this is it. No other chances.

I loved how you all got together and what a great time can be had when real conversations get added to a mix.

God bless you and your friend.