Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still Standing.....

Just a song to share with you today that has been speaking to my heart. Usually its a simple message, even one line in a piece that will pull at your soul and have something for you. I have been taking time to slow down, listen and make room in the coming days for the next steps in my own journey. Some steps are difficult and shadowed in the unknown. They require solitude and quiet inner conversations with God to ready the mind and body and prepare the way. Maybe thats where I am.....still standing....waiting....resting from the doing....preparing for what comes next.....

Be sure to pause the music playing on my blog on the lower right sidebar before you begin the video........


Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet
toward home, a land that I've never seen
I am changing, less and less asleep
made of different stuff than when i began
and I have sensed it all along
fast approaching is the day

When the world has fallen out from under me
I'll be found in you, still standing
When the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees
When time and space are through
I'll be found in you

Theres distraction buzzing in my head
saying in the shadows it's easier to stay
but I've heard rumours of true reality
whispers of a well-lit way

You make all things new

When the world has fallen out from under me
I'll be found in you, still standing
Every fear and accusation under my feet
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you


Lady Lavender said...

Thanks for sharing that. It blessed me. This weather and season are difficult for me and I know the king is present but sometimes we need to say that in him we are standing still. As the scriptures say there may be weeping in the night but joy comes in the morning. Thanks again.

Lady Lavender from

My Journey to Hope said...

That was really cool. Thanks for sharing that video. Thank God that he makes all things new. My hope is in his healing restorative power. I pray you will be renewed once again.


whitebird said...

Thank you for that! I am being made new!!!

Janet Campbell said...

You have a wonderful blog and love your art! I saw you on Etsy.

Renee said...

Oh my God, how many times have I felt like this is me. Too many times to count.

You should be proud to be a spirit lifter or jump spirit? Already can't remember (the post below).

Beautiful work.

xoxoxoxo Renee

Teri Leigh said...

I listen to that song all the time. It is a blessing to my soul. I have been praying for you this week. Your words touch me so often when I come to your blog and I know they go out from here 100 fold. God bless, Teri

Lisa said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing about the Spirit Jumper, too. Much love to you, Lani. I look forward to seeing where your path is leading.

Stephani Gorman said...

Lani~ So beautiful...thank-you! :)Stephani

Anonymous said...

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