Monday, January 26, 2009

Spirit Jumpers!

It is so inspiring to me when artistic souls with a desire to reach out to others dream up creative ways to bring encouragement to those who are going through difficult life circumstances. I recently became part of a new project called "Spirit Jumpers". Meagan and Stacey have developed a place for anyone who would like to be availiable to send small gifts or tokens of hope to those who are battling cancer of many forms. I have had several family and friends who have gone down this emotionally and physically difficult path and thought this was a place I would love to offer the outflow of some of my time in the studio. If you know someone who could use a "spirit jump", you are invited to contact Stacey and Meagan and submit their name which will be linked up with one of the participating "Spirit Jumpers" who will then send along something to uplift and encourage them in their journey. If you would like to contribute as a Spirit Jumper, donate items or small gifts you can also visit the website for information on how to join in. We each have so much to offer. It can be the smallest gesture for a hurting soul that can give them the strength and courage to take the next smallest step or to hold up their faith and hope for another new day.

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MaygreenFairies said...

Oh Lani what a wonderful, wonderful post. I am off to check out the website now. Mandy x