Saturday, December 27, 2008

Creativity and Faith.....

We had the most gorgeous snowfall on Christmas day. The snowflakes were the biggest I'd seen! I am a bit sad to see it all the snow start to melt from our "Artic Blast". I can feel a stirring beginning to build...getting ready to prepare the heart and mind for the New year as what was melts away and the new day begins. Thankfully, as the years have gone by, I have learned to be much more realistic and loosened up on the expectations I have placed on myself. Its a more hopeful and relaxing way to enter the dawning of the New Year when we can hold our plans loosely and leave room for the surprises.

I received a wonderful trio of books for the artist over the holiday. The combination of the inspirational encouragement and scripture, particulary for artists who are Christians, really has challenged my perception of myself as one who needs and must create...who feels "called" to express myself artistically and musically."The Creative Call- An Artist's Response to the Way of the Spirit" by Janice Elsheimer, is a powerful journey that can open the doors of our creativity in ways we might not have experienced while merging our life as an artist with our intimate walk with God. It is truly an invitation to explore all that we might really have to offer while we invite God into the process of releasing our "creative calling". I love the refreshing honesty the author expresses about the reality that the church hasn't always been so receptive to the arts and the powerful messages artists can convey. This book is an invitation to unleash what gifts might even be hidden in our souls.It would be a great book to go through with a group of friends who express their gifts in a variety of ways (art, writing, music, painting, gardening, decorating, etc)!

"Walking on Water- Reflections of Life and Art" by Madeleine L'Engle and "Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts" by Steve Turner are filled with deep insight and courageous thoughts on boldly expressing our creativity, penetrating the resistance that can be felt in the church and inviting them to receive the new and fresh thing God might be doing in their midst. So if you are looking for encouragement to stretch and move your creative faith outside the box, these books are stimulating!


Anonymous said...

I have wanted to read that Janice Elsheimer book forever, but had forgotten about it. I'm going to buy it very soon!

I'm glad you liked the snow. I didn't - lol. You must know I was born and raised in Alaska and lived there all of my life until my glorious liberation to the PNW five years ago. I have had more snow in my lifetime than I care to remember. So I am anxiously awaiting it's departure.

lorhen82 said...

Oh, the snow is pretty! We had snow before Christmas, but now it has warmed up to 60 degrees, and it has rained. All of our lovely white is gone.

Those books sound really interesting. I'll have to check them out.

Judy said...

Sounds like a great book - maybe it can apply to all faiths??
happy New Year

Susan Tuttle said...

How delightful that you had snow on Christmas day! That's pure magic!

Looks like you have some wonderful books to snuggle up with.

I love how you view the onset of the new year -- with less expectation and more room for surprises. That's just perfect!

Happy New Year!


Gaby Bee said...

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Healthy New Year!

Gaby xo

Laume said...

Those books look intriguing. Although I'm not a Christian, I am drawn towards art that reflects the many aspects of spiritual life. It seems to me that living without faith of some kind is like living "flat". To become truly 3-dimensional, we have to allow for a larger more important meaning for life. Your work really glows with your faith. I've really enjoyed wandering through your most recent posts.