Monday, December 15, 2008

Art Play Date and Giveaway Winner!

The ever so talented and generous Michelle Allen hosted our monthly art journaling group out at her inspiring studio this past week. She thought it would be fun to just get together and create something special for the holidays and have an art play day! She has one of the most incredible collections of unique snowmen I have ever seen! She had all the supplies prepared in advance and an incredible array of treasures for us to paint, collage, embellish our own unique snowman creations(or snowgirl in my case). She had been inspired by the "house" pieces we had created at a workshop by the wonderful Lisa Kaus and Michelle thought it would be fun to try snowmen in that format.

Our creative posse included Paulette, Teri, Jaron, Michelles sweet mother in law and this month Michelle's Mom, Karla Dornacher (pictured with Michelle above)was able to join us and is such a delight! While we waited for our pieces to dry we were invited into Michelle's lovely home and her hubby had graciously prepared a delicious lunch of the Allen Famous Tortilla Soup and fresh frozen yogart swirled in dessert glasses! We shared a little more about ourselves with each other and it was a treat to have the opportunity to hear more about the road Michelle and her encouraging family have traveled in supporting Michelle as her art business grew and developed at Allen Designs Studio.

I was a little frazzled when I arrived that morning and wasn't sure if I could gather my thoughts and find my creative mojo. But being with like minded artistic spirits inspired the process and in the end, "my snowgirl" came to life and I had fun glamming her up a bit! I just can't stay away from the baubles and sparkles! And that is our freshly falling snow she is pictured in! Its a blustery, nestle by the fire, kind of day today here in Washington! Thanks again Michelle for your generous creative spirit and spoiling your friends!

Heartfelt thanks for such a terrific response to the giveaway this month! Your comments are always such an encouragement!...So here we go...The moment you've been waiting for...drumroll please...the winner of the Holiday Art Blessing Giveaway is....Michelle at My Journey to Hope. As well as being an artist Michelle is a vocalist with the band Finding Candence! Congrats Michelle and thanks to everyone for your sweet participation!


My Journey to Hope said...

Agh! I've never won anything before! Thank you so much, I can't wait!


Jill said...

Congratulations to Michelle!!

Staci Danford said...

Was just plain ole jealous. That art group looked like so much fun.