Friday, August 1, 2008

Poetic Reflections.......

..Stained Glass...

Shattered, distorted, painfully sharp
innocent colors scattered
around my still and grieving heart
pieces of a glass puzzle
lay in confusing disarray
whispering of shame...brokenness...dark hurt

I numbly stare in disbelief...
then anger...then deep sadness
beauty so carelessly scarred
each shining remnant reflects
a faint image once known to this child
niave perfection...pure design...a Master's touch

As the last of the sharpest fragments
fall near enough to cut
I must pause to honor
the small, welling voice within
release the anguish of her soul
the silence pierced...a screaming question...."Why?"

A new design awaits it's birth
fresh tears need time to fall
upon the jagged crystal
perhaps to cleanse, refine...restore
beauty is to be found here
amidst what appears destroyed..useless...beyond repair

Where does one begin in the gathering
of a stained and shattered soul
one so weary and little and sad
Help me, Master of the fragile brillance surrounding me
In your strength can we
lift each broken piece to the light...and mend...and heal

Copyright 2000
Lani Kent


Victorian Lady said...

She's beautiful! I love how everything you do has a message...and the poem is are a great storyteller!


Gaby Bee said...

Gorgeous as always. Love the poem, too!