Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congratulations Treva!

Joi de la Vie
Originally uploaded by Solitaire Miles
I wanted to thank everyone for all your encouraging comments and notes this week and for stopping by and joining my little drawing! I tried hard to stay up til midnight last night to officially draw one of your sweet names but I crashed! So dear Treva, this morning I reached in my little basket and your name was in my hand! You are the winner of the art blessing card set! I hope to hear from you soon ok!

I have been busy this week getting ready for a couple upcoming local art and craft shows I will be participating in. This will a first for me so I am excited to see how it all feels and a chance to share my work in person. Today its time to clean out the studio! I find I work and fuss and slowly build up a good dose of creative chaos around me. But inevitably I reach a point where I sit down with only a tiny patch of work space left visible and I can't think! So hopefully by tomorrow my Muse will return and have room to sit next to me!

The artwork is a wonderful piece by Digital Artist and Jazz Vocalist Solitaire Miles and you can check out a fabulous collection of her work at flickr!


izabella said...

Oh gosh I missed out on the giveaway! :) I haven't been out & about checking out my daily blog reads lately!!

Where is the art show going to be held?! I am so excited to hear about you taking that big step of selling at a show!! Can't wait to hear the inspiring stories of your new experience~ xo ~Bella

Bejeweled said...

Congrats to Treva!!

I know what you mean about the shrinking workspace. Many a time I've ended up in a little square on the desk surrounded by so many creative ideas and starts that there is no room left for them to blossom into beautiful artwork :)