Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Art and Soul Reflections...

There are times when you are strolling by an artist's work and everything in your soul moves you to stop and take in in every word, color and image. Such was the case for me as I was blessed to come across the work of Kelly Rae Roberts at the Art and Soul vendor night. Although we spoke briefly, I felt an instant kindred art connection. Her warmth and genuine spirit spills across her canvas and you know that each piece is truly an honest reflection of her heart's desire to encourage the sharing of our life stories in truth and authenticity. Having both shared the experience of working with those whose hearts are weary it is no wonder I was so drawn to her work. This was a print I came home with. It was so hard to choose!!! I hope to own an original one day (you know... for the incredible room I dream of having that is filled with original work from all the artists I love..heehee). Be sure to take a peek at Kellyrae's blog and her Etsy store is filled with her treasures. It is a place you'll want to visit often!

Played with my new soldering tools and wanted to share an art pendant I finished yesterday. Its always a cool phase when a new technique enters your artistic palette. I love to combine ideas from other mediums and explore how they will blend and weave together. I still had to breathe deeply and exhale while trying to solder jump rings but alas I conquered those little devils! More pics of the piece can be found on ebay.

"Trust the open door.............Surrender"
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"Crossroads......Open the Window"

Another treat was getting to meet artist Paulette Insall at Art and Soul. I am always in awe of those who are gifted in the art of painting. Her work touches my heart and when I saw this piece I knew it was to be near me in my studio. You can find many of her beautiful creations in her etsy store. The word "Crossroads" resonates deeply with me on so many levels lately. I sense I find myself at one but still not clear what it all means for me and where it will take me. I find events like those of the past week stir up many questions inside...spiritually, artistically and emotionally...about my own story and life journey...the kind of internal wrestling that takes time to find the answers to. In the meantime I will look for the open windows and see what possibilities might be whispering my name.


izabella said...

Halo my sweet friend!!

Had to come vistit & get caught up on all of your goings on! you have been the busy gal this last your new necklace, very pretty! love the photos of art & soul...wish I could have been there with you ;) I just love your new hair, oh so precious!

xo!! ~Bella

red tin heart said...

I just love everything you create. And thank you for your kind comment on my site. xoxo Nita

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely necklace Lani, I too love Kelly Rae's work, Her ladies are so expressive

Kristin Hubick said...

Beautiful necklace!!! Isn't soldering so much fun!!!!!! Love then new hair too!!!!! You look so much younger!!!!! Not that you're old, you are young, well you know what I mean ;).

Once Upon a Cottage said...

Love the necklace! We must like the same type of art because I bought three pieces of art at Vendor's night - one from Kelly Rae, one from Paulette Insall and one from Sally Jean! I'll have to post my pieces on my blog.

kecia said...

i didn't know you were at artnsoul - so was i! darn, wish i could've met up with you! i love kelly rae's work - has such beauty to it

Anonymous said...

WOW, Lani..these soldered pendants are absolutely stunning! Good Heavens, there anything that you CAN'T do??!!!