Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Exciting News! Healing Expressions Now at Camas Antiques!

Happy New Year! A week before Christmas I got some news I had praying for and received an invitation from JoAnn Taylor, owner of Camas Antiques, to begin showcasing my work at her beautiful store located in Camas, Washington! The store has long been one of my favorite spots to visit with a mocha and a gal pal! It is filled with the most lovely items from many vendors, dealers and artists. I am excited to have a place locally to send my sweet buyers and those who attend my workshops in the Portland/ Vancouver area who might be looking for encouraging gifts and artwork. You can find my work now on the first floor of the store, the first case next to the register!
 I highly recommend stopping at Cafe Piccolo Paradiso first for baked goods and expresso and then stroll over to Camas Antiques to be inspired by two floors of creative treasures!

 In all the excitement of moving into my new spot and our time with family over the holiday, I am very behind in getting the winner announced for the holiday giveaway! Thank you to each of you who participated and for your patience. I drew a sweet name and the winner of December's Art Blessing giveaway is Lisa West! Be sure to take a moment to visit Lisa at her beautiful blog, Letters and Lace!


Lisa West said...

OH Lani, what a beautiful blessing you have been given. Your treasures are gorgeously displayed. I wish I wasn't 3000 miles away. Susan Tuttle(Ilka's Attic) and I would just love to spend hours there with coffee in hand! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your giveaway. You are a blessing! Lisa

Olivia Heartelly said...

Superb collections you got right there and this surely knocks me of my feet because I believe that there is a lot in there that definitely have my best interest to get. Thanks!

Lisa West said...

I just wanted to come back over to let you know your package is more beautiful in person. The pocket mirror looks like your has to be but I'm not sure! Blessings and thank you again, Lisa

Jann said...

How wonderful!