Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"You Look Alot Like Me".....

I was blessed to be contacted recently by documentary film producer Chloe' McFeters and asked to participate in a fundraising auction where proceeds will benefit the finishing of a very powerful documentary on domestic violence. Her film, produced by Tortoise and Finch Productions,"You Look Alot Like" is a very poignant, honest and vulnerable look at the topic of domestic violence and the courageous stories of those whose lives have been impacted by this abuse. I have offered several items for this fundraiser which has now gone live. You may follow the auction at Kickstarter and find several of my items listed as you scroll down on the right hand side of the auction site as well as read about many other participating artists here.

This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase healing work from a variety of artists and have the funds donated to such a worthy and important cause. Pictured below are several of the items of mine that are available to purchase at the auction sight. I would so appreciate it if you could share this event with your friends and pass the word!


Lovey said...

Oh how wonderful to be able to contribute your beautiful art in such a powerful way.

SueAnn said...

What a wonderful opportunity to share your work! It will bless many I am sure