Saturday, December 11, 2010

Musical Emotions.....

I heard this beautiful song on my friend Susan's blog and wanted to share it. The lyrics and sweetly haunting melody just seemed to take you places....little girl places...remembering places. It is stirring yet comforting....bittersweet and hopeful. It resonated deeply with me.

Its a bittersweet time for my mother's heart and soul. One of my sons has decided to "fly" on his own and left an empty room. There wasn't much time to prepare but now that I am here I am not sure I could have anyway. I am slowing creating a new studio in the empty space...amidst a mixture of emotions. I can feel change swirling around me like the winter wind outside. And amidst the grieving found deep in the winter is the hopeful renewal of the coming spring. It all just takes time.

Please pause the music playing on my blog on the lower left sidebar to better enjoy the video....


FairfieldHouse said...


I know that song and have been listening to it a lot lately. This is my first visit to your lovely blog (and shop) but I will be returning. So much goodness here.


slommler said...

You are right! So hauntingly beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this! I have not heard it before.

Gaby Bee said...

Hi Lani, warm Christmas wishes to you and yours! Health, Happiness and may all of your dreams come true for 2011!

Hugs, Gaby