Friday, April 16, 2010

Colorful Creative Spaces.......

I finally got to the end of a long to-do list that has been following me around for awhile. I love the wide space that opens up in between crossing the last item off the list and before it fills up again! So I spent a quiet day in the studio and was able to create a few pieces. I added these new inspirational, vintage themed, glass pendants to my website today. If you would like to see more images and find these sweet little offerings you can see COLLECTION A here and COLLECTION B here!

I had the opportunity to create a special order journal this week for a dear buyer of mine who serves overseas in Iraq. Her only request was to "create whatever inspires you"! I love to create "journals as art" and often sell one-of-a-kind-journals with lovely metal picture stands to display them on. Placing your own journals in a special area of prominance, as art, is a wonderful way to honor this process of expression and encourage a daily practice of written or art journaling.

I seem to be entering a season of bright color!I am so drawn to the rich and vibrant jewel tones these days. I fell in love with these handcrafted "silk sari ribbons" and creations by designtalentedone on Etsy. She creates the most unique and colorful ribbons I had ever seen!I treated myself to one of her original hats recently! It definately brought out that funky inner artist in me!

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slommler said...

Love, love, love the journal and those pendants are amazing!
Wow...the colors!! Those ribbons are eye openers for sure! Very cool!