Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Workshop Fun!

My ever-so-incredibly-creative friend Michelle Allen invited me over for a trial run of her workshop she will be presenting at ArtFest 2010 called "Getcha Paint On". We had a great time getting our hands into black caulking to create cool,textured and raised patterns on wood blocks, drawing out and carving our own rubber stamps to create our focal point, center design and splashing around in colorful acrylics. I also met Reenie who designed a unique piece of her own! Michelle has such an energetic spirit that is contagious and so encouraging to be in the presence of! Just being in her studio is enough to ignite the creative fires! There is still time to sign up for her class if you plan to attend ArtFest!

I wasn't sure where my piece was heading when I began. It was something definately new for me to experiment with and I felt like I was out of my safe amd familiar vintage-style collage work. I had a vision of a sunburst with the center heart piece and the word "Shine". The piece kinda morphed and changed as we played with the caulking and the color went down. As it turned out, I began to play with deep blues, aquas and purples and what emerged felt more like the hope of a heart fully shining and bursting through the night!

So today I hope you will explore a new idea or technique, be brave and open those new paints, risk reaching out to a fellow artist and ask for an art play date, actually try one of the projects in the gazillon art magazines and books you've collected, sign up for that class you always wanted to take or just sit down and play with the supplies you already have and see what happens. You have nothing to lose so let go and give it a try!


slommler said...

Looks like fun was had by all!! Love when artists get together to play!! Best times ever!

michelle allen said...

love how your piece turned out! thanks for coming and playing with me :)

reenie said...


It was so nice to meet you and create.
Love your blog.