Monday, February 15, 2010

Won't you join me?- "Newsletter" Reflections on Art, Music and Life!

I am working on a new project that I am getting very encouraged and excited to share! Beginning next month I will launch a monthly newsletter that you are cordially invited to be a part of! My hope is to offer creative encouragement through writing, poetry, journaling exercises, reflections on the healing journey and other musings on art, music and life! I will also use this newsletter to have a monthly giveaway and showcase new work for sale, upcoming therapeutic collage and art journaling workshops as well as other special events and happenings on my website! If you would like to receive this newlsetter please sign up on the right sidebar in the aqua-colored box marked "Healing Expression's Newlsetter". If you would be kind enough to share the news on your blog, let me know and I will add your name twice to the first month's giveaway!

Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming response to the One World One Heart Giveway! Thank you to Lisa Swifta for organizing another wonderful event! I so enjoyed participating again this year and am happy to announce the winner of my Glass Butterfly Necklace is "Julia at Vintage With Laces"!

Please stop by and visit Julia's beautiful blog!

I was thrilled to receive my "Decorative Art Girlie" from Kelly Rae Roberts new collection this week! I adore the spirit behind her work. The words really spoke to me:

Listen to Your Life
unleash your joy
embrace vulnerability
love with abandon
get quiet...just be
Nurture Your Soul
Allow the blessings to sink in and stay awhile
Surround yourself with good people

ART JOURNAL REFLECTION:(Click image to enlarge) What does it mean to risk the leap for you today? What do you need to let go of to take the plunge? What might you be afraid of? Where might it take you if you dared? What is the one, small "next thing" you could do just for today?


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lani, I'm thrilled that I won one of your beautiful necklaces! Thank you so much!!! I've just sent you a private e-mail.
Hugs and love,

slommler said...

What a yummy blog post today. Such wonderful art work you have shared and I love it all! The newsletter sounds marvelous and I have definitely signed up!! I would be glad to post about this in my blog. Just need to grab a button and it will be there daily.

Lisa West said...

Hi Lani, I can't wait to see your newsletters. I am happy to post it on my blog. To get attention, I used your beautiful picture to link others to the invitation post. If there is another button you would like used, let me know. It felt strange posting your art on my corner of the blogging world but I am honered to do it if you are ok with that. Respectfully, Lisa

Sheila said...

Lani - I love your blog; I've included you in my blog roll. So inspirational and encouraging. Stop by and visit me when you have time - I'd be happy to post about your site in my blog. Regards,Sheila

Sheila said...

PS - I hope it's okay - I blogged about your website and blog in one of my posts. I just want to share your lovely work with others who may find it an inspirational as I do! Sheila

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Yes! Congrats to Julia, and thank you for your inspiring post and willingness to try something new, to risk, reach out.. and to invite us to join in the journey! Thanks for blessing all of your readers and thanks for blessing me immensely! <3

Janny said...

Beautiful work,great post, I signed in for the newslettter and I wil post it on my Blog also.