Monday, September 21, 2009

Giveaway Winner.....

Thank you to all who entered the Art Blessing Giveaway and for leaving such encouraging comments! It was a busy weekend and I am finally getting the drawing offically done! The name I reached in and drew was Angela! She has a wonderful blog where she interviews dear artists that have inspired her! I am sure she would enjoy if you stopped by! I plan to have Art Blessing Giveaways each month so hope you'll stop by again and join in the fun.

I have been reflecting on this song. Simple yet profoundly beautiful. Thought I would leave it with you all for today. Be sure to pause the music playing on my blog on the lower right hand sidebar before viewing the video!


Anonymous said...

WoW!I won!! Thanks you so much! I'm speechless! Truly I am! That was not expected at all!! Thank you so much! I love that song!!! It makes me cry everytime I watch it, it's beautiful! MAN did I ever boo hoo this time!
My mailing address is
Angela Taylor
302 Winchester Dr.
but can you send me yours please...because I would like to send you something that I have made in return.
Thanks again!

My Journey to Hope said...

Hi, Lani! It's so good to "see" you online again! I love your newest pieces- I can tell they are a product of your reflections. Such beautiful, deep phrases and images. I've been doing some ministry with women in the sex industry, and the themes are so relevant for them. I'd love to chat more with you whenever you get the time. God bless you in all your efforts to be His voice of hope!

:) Michelle