Monday, September 15, 2008

Giveaway Blessings!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the most beautiful comments, blessings shared and kind words that were left from each of you for the "Breathe Gratitude" giveaway. It was such an encouragement to hear of the many expressions of gratitude sprinkled throughout your lives. I gathered each name in my beautiful collaged box I recently received from Jillian of "Bohemiart". I closed my eyes, reached in and pulled the sweet name of "Ruth Rae"! Congratulations and I pray this journal becomes a quiet little place to renew your heart! Please take a moment to peek in and see and experience the beauty of her work on Ruth Rae's inspiring blog! I truly appreciate each of you taking the time to share your heart. I hope you'll stroll through again next month when I will create another art blessing!

I love working on these little mini journals and created this one called "Believe...Faith and Trust" as well as a large collage tag titled "Healing Peace". These works have been added to my website as well as fresh "Soul Reflections", "Musical Emotions", and "Poetic Expressions". I invite you to gather your journal, a hot cup of tea and listen to whats stirring in your own heart while experiencing some soul tending at my Healing Expressions home.

I am also honored to share the tender work of my friend Angie Young on my "Kindred Souls" website page! Her deeply vulnerable art cards are truly rich with emotion. God Bless your journey this day!


The Lofty Dreamer said...

Your work is absolutely stunning and your message is so refreshing and heartfelt. I came across your work while googling how to begin altered art and collage, ever since I came across Artful Blogging, I have found this whole world of art blogging. My inner being is wanting so hard to try this collage and altered art stuff out, and your work and blog are such an inspiration! Now if I could just get started!!!

signsoftimensuch said...

I just love looking at your is so are an amazing artist...hugs and prayers, cheryl Check out my post on our anniversary and how we met...!!!!

Candace said...

I do indeed thank you again for these luscious images and refreshing messages. And thanks too for the kindness of sharing even more inspiring and lovely links.

Have a good rest of week.