Saturday, December 15, 2007

Acts of Kindness........

"She felt the searing heat reach for her
through the door of her past...despite her fear,
she knew the only way was through the fire"
Sharing a few more thoughts on art cards. I often think of those for whom the holidays can be so difficult. My heart always feels a bit heavy amidst all the Hallmark moments filling our television screens and the endless stream of commercials depicting overabundance and excess....heavy for those that see these images and feel pain, lonliness, sadness and loss during the holidays. The seasons of the year find so many of us at different stages of life... going through different experiences, challenges and even wonderful victories as well. My own journey has led me to have eyes that long to see the truth of a soul and a heart that can't help but want to pray for those who struggle. I am able to see the warmth and the goodnesss of this glorious season of Christ's birth but grateful God has allowed me to experience the pain as well...for it reminds me there are others who need to be carried and encouraged this season. So I thought I'd just encourage anyone who stops by to reach out to someone in need, share an act or word of kindness, remember to listen...I mean really listen....when you run into a long lost friend and ask how they are doing.....just slow down and remember that God may want to use you in someone's that moment...for such a time as bring light into a life that might be struggling in the shadows.


cookievf said...

Dear, sweet Lani! You have touched me deeply tonight. Thank you for encouraging all of us to slow down and remember that the true meaning of christmas is GIVING!

It is heartbreaking to realize that being caught up in the commercialized version is the NORM.

Last year, following several years of talking about it, we decided to forgo the gift exchange among family & friends. Instead we "give in their names!" The day we write those checks is the REAL christmas for us. And it's wonderful to see that slowly, one-by-one, they are returning the gesture... and so it grows! Thank you again for sharing this important message.

Love & blessings to you & yours,
- vicki xo

allynraye said...

Thank you, Lani, for through your words and your art you have been a blessing and an encouraging light-bearer to me this season.

May you likewise be blessed and encouraged today and always!


Altered Kat said...

Merry Christmas!