Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love Art! Gallery

I met a dear friend for coffee yesterday in the quaint and lovely area of Sellwood in Portland. I always intend to stop in the most adorable art gallery perched on the corner across from the Starbucks where I usually meet my friend. It seems I always run out of time and need to jump in the car on the way to another appt. As I was heading back to my car (the only spot I had found after circling the block several times opened up for me right in front of the gallery)....I had a strong sense I was suppose to go in this time. I walked through the doors of The Love Art!Gallery What a delight and beautiful treasure this place is. It was an artistic feast for the eyes with an incredibly diverse collection of art from over 60 local artists..mixed media, glass, original painting, jewelry, mosaics, sculpture and so much more. I met the owners Ruby and Heather and was taken by their authentic and genuine spirits and their obvious love of the creative life and heart for supporting and encouraging artists.

My heart was deeply drawn to the work of Katie Berggren. Her work is a very vulnerable expression of the depth of emotion found in motherhood. As one who walks alongside woman who have experienced abuse as little girls....what resonated with me was how these pieces seem to express the child within...our acceptance and embracing of the places inside that might have been wounded. For many who walk the healing journey it is difficult to draw near to the child we were who held the pain and memories, create a safe enviroment for those memories to be shared and to love and nurture that little be a safe and loving "mother" to ourselves. That is what my heart and eyes saw gently depicted in many of her pieces. I was so deeply moved by these two pictured above, "Time In" and "Absorb" and they now sit in my studio. Take a moment to visit Katie's Etsy Store for an amazing collection of poignant pieces that are truly touching.

I have been continueing to work on my new studio and will share the "after" pictures next time! Creative blessings!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Beginnings....

A bittersweet "before" picture of my son in his room doing what he is often found doing...creating music. This was shortly before his move out on his own. Over the years I had decided that "one day" that would be the room in the house that would be my new studio. That day seemed far away and was only something I imagined in my I would arrange it etc. I didn't expect it would be available now. I really wasn't ready. But despite our dreams and plans for our kids they must make their own path whether we think they are ready or not...and despite our own heart's readiness. We can pray for them, love them, give them honest counsel but in the end their decisions and choices and all that goes with them must become fully their own.

Finding the balance as a parent can be an ongoing challenge. Letting go is hard. I am relying more than ever on God as I release my children to Him and open myself to all He wants to teach me as I let go. When you have experienced childhood wounding it can be a fearful thing to watch your child walk out the door into the world. But I hear God gently telling me to trust Him for their care. It never has been all up to me. Their mine...will involve struggles, mistakes and trials as well as joys, successes and celebrations. It is in the divine mystery of weaving the beauty and the darkness that our lives are given depth and realness. I have trusted God for that weaving in my own life and now I am working on trusting God as He walks alongside my son.

I wrestled with feeling guilty as I took down some of the things he left behind soon after he moved out. Was it too soon...was this all premature of me? It took a little bit before I could allow myself to fully embrace the growing hope and joy I had for renewing this space and what it could mean for the next phase of my own creative journey. My husband (my talented foreman on the job) gave me the most beautiful Christmas gift as he began transforming the room for me. I wrestled with so many emotions throughout the process but it has been good for my heart to make it a place of new beginnings. I told my son I look forward to him coming home and creating music here. I hope one day the imaginations of my grandchildren will be nurtured and inspired in this room.

So I thought I'd share a few before pics as my husband and I work on my new studio. He is currently working on designing a work station for me in the large closet space. When that is done I look forward to sharing the "Big Reveal" photos with you!

So far the carpet has been replaced with wood floors, new moldings and the room given a fresh coat of buttercream paint. The work began to move everything in and play with the details of arranging the space. Already I can hear and sense so much hope in this room. New creative visions are stirring! Stay tuned for more pictures soon!