Monday, July 20, 2009

New Healing Art Blocks

I am now offering 'Healing Art Blocks" which make very special gifts for a friend or loved one who might be in need of hope and encouragement...or just a little something that says, "I understand where you are my friend"! The blocks are 3.5 x 4.5 inches and are just right for a small gesture of kindness. Customers may choose which design they would like on their block from my entire collection of art card collage prints. You may find these on my Website, Ebay and Etsy stores!

Several months back I shared about a heartwarming project I participated in called "The Ties that Bind" to raise funds and support awareness of Ovarian cancer. This large, amazing art doll was created that held handcrafted, healing-oriented, charms and beautiful art ties lovingly created by over 100 participating artists. A raffle is currently in progress to raise funds for the cause through September 30th when a very lucky soul will win this incredible treasure! A beautiful book with these unique creations and survivor stories has now been published and it is filled with gorgeous photos of this very meaningful project. The proceeds will also be contributed to fight ovarian cancer and you can find the information about ordering the book here. I recently ordered my copy and can't wait to receive it. I have also heard such sweet stories of others purchasing groups of these books to take to cancer treatment centers etc. The charm I created is hanging directly in the center of the first photo with the vintage girl, metal filigree wings and says "Heal". It was really an honor to contribute and watch this project come together over the months. I can't wait to look through the pages and pages of one of a kind pieces and hear of the hope in the lives of those who stories are shared. There is nothing that brings me greater joy then when passions and gifts converge to support and uplift those in need!

I hope you find some rest and relaxation in the days of summer still to come. I plan to join my family for some adventures over the next few weeks. There is still so much for me to hear, take in and reflect on and I am grateful for the opportunity! Thank you all for your comments and encouragement during this season of waiting and reflection!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A few more reflections....

Found myself staying in the studio the last couple days and that images and musings continued to pour out. I think in all the challenges and activity in earlier months my little river of creativity had been stopped up. My time away is about moving those stones around, rearranging and maybe the flow will be fresher, wider and deeper. These cards can be found on ebay.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mid Summer Reflections......

I thought I would step back in for a few moments to share a few new pieces I recently created. My time away continues to restore my heart and enlarge my vision. The unexpected has often rearranged any plans I thought I might have and priorities have become so clear. There have been difficult choices in order to step into this new space but I am moving through life these days with much more internal simplicity and quiet and am breathing deeper in releasing much of the striving. Having had to let go of much I had been holding onto...for a season...I am trusting what is meant to return will one day return. I feel a deep trust in leaving it up to God who and what that will be. For now, my sabbatical is revealing, challenging and hopeful. Each of these original art cards have been listed here on ebay!

I also had a wonderful opportunity to create a special 12x12 inch piece for the opening of the "Grid Show" at the Imago Dei Gallery in the Portland Pearl District. Over 100 artist's were asked to contribute their reflection on the theme of "Touch". All proceeds are going to support the art program of a local school. It was truly amazing to see all the different styles and mediums!

And finally I must leave you with some tempting treats I made with my son and the neighborhhood gang recently. I forgot how much I love to create desserts! Its little discoveries like this that my time away continues to reveal. I am enjoying making these new memories! And yes.....they were really yummy! Creative Blessings to you and I hope this summer brings you rest and enduring memories!