Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Artist Way and Art Blessing......

I am so excited to have begun the process of going through "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron with two, kindred souls I am blessed to journey with! I have had the book for several years and read it but never really dug in deep and gone through the process in a group where encouragement, transparency and accountability move the experience to a much more powerful level. The comittment calls for writing several "Morning pages" every day and going on a weekly "Artist Date" as well as working through the material in each chapter which can stir up much in the interior! I am looking forward to excavating the layers of untapped creativity and seeing what is revealed in this work of creative recovery!

As part of my "artist date" this week, I took much needed time away for a mini day retreat at my friend Traci Nelson's retreat cottage called "His Hiding Place". Traci has a beautiful heart with a rich gift for creating a nurturing environment to come away and get alone with God. As I entered, the fire was "crackling", the scented candles were lit and gentle music was playing. The sense of God waiting to sit with me was everywhere. It was a sweet time of releasing, reconnecting and just resting.

Congrats to Peggy Aplseeds! I was happy to select your name today as the winner of the "Dream" vintage journal. Take a moment to visit Peggy's lovely blog and her beautiful artwork!

And yes the rumors are true! Blue sky and summer sunshine has finally decided to arrive in the Northwest. It was a long wait through weeks of rain and grey, cloudy days. Nothing like the feeling of the sun on your face!

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Dream" Journal Art Blessing Giveaway!

We are having a very slow start to our summer here in the Northwest. The grey, cloudy and rainy days seem to have covered us like a blanket. We were teased with sun for a day or so last week but it dissapeared again! So it seemed like a good day to create something special to give away!

If you would like to participate in the drawing for this little "Dream" journal(click photo to enlarge) please leave your name and contact info in the comment section. I will draw a name from my "butterfly box" on Wednesday evening, June 30th and share this art blessing giveaway with the winner! If you would like to share about this giveaway on your blog, let me know and I will add your name twice!

Its been a very busy month during my absense from my blog! My son graduated and our days have been full of activities to celebrate the occasion! Starting the family summer schedule, planning vacations and summer camps and moving about in a new church and working more in the therapeutic community have shifted some of my time and creative energy in new directions. New people and experiences seem to be opening another chapter that is yet to be written. Just trying to move slowly, thoughtfully and quietly. Change keeps things interesting to say the least! Hope you are enjoying the sun whereever you are today!