Monday, July 30, 2007

Creative Solitude......

The light and warmth peering through the windows today was just perfect! It was a rare day with only my heart beating in the house (whats an artsy mother to do but create of course!). I filled the place with music that moves me deeply and bathed in the creative solitude! Thought I'd share the results of my indulgence! Each of these art cards and the altered vintage tin were listed on ebay today.
May you bring all that is deeply and uniquely you to the heart of one who has been led your way today!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Sweet Dreamer"

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"Trust the inspirations of your heart
for there awaits the birth of a dream"
I love to create altered books and play with dreamy colors and story themes. I had imagined this piece for some time before I finally let inspiration move me to complete it. The book reflects on those dreams in our hearts that find life through our willingness to bring them out of the realm of our imagination and into the light of day. I suppose that is where risk makes its entrance. Walking hand in hand with our deepest dreams will usually require us to move out of our comfort zone. Its so much easier to imagine the dream or watch others live the dream and stay safe in the realm of suspended hope. But I believe hope is to sustain us while it is moving us toward something. We have to take the steps though. Those steps may feel scary but we will never know what possibilites and discoveries await us until we begin our unique journey. If you'd like to see more pictures of the book you can find it today on Ebay. Creative blessings!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Secret Corner

" Secret, quiet corner of my world
momentary hush, chaos silenced
whispering breath of God
refuge for heart and soul"..."

Taking time to let the silence and quiet envelop our beings can be such a challenging task in a world that lulls us into a constant stream of activity and pursuit. I think our souls were designed to need afternoons in a cozy corner listening to gentle music or strolling through beauty and hearing nothing but the breeze. Maybe its the chaos in our own minds that longs to be quieted long enough to hear the deepest of our heart be spoken to by someone greater than ourselves. Will we accept the invitation? This is a new original shadowbox I created over the weekend. You can see more images and find it on Ebay this Sunday evening. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I enjoyed putting this together today. I am new to experimenting with all these fun features but I thought I would share a gallery of my musings expecially for those who are visiting for the first time. It actually took me on quite a journey revisiting a few of the places I have traveled creatively over the past couple years. Thank you for taking the journey with me......

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tooting a Friend's Horn

Its so fun to see sweet artist friends being honored for their craft! In this months (Jul/Aug 2007) Somerset Studio magazine my friend Joanna Perotti had a beautiful piece featured! I adore her style and the heart behind her art. I hope one day to sit side by side her for a little art retreat and soak in her amazing gifts! You'll have to peek on page 114 to see her interpretation of "Nature Preserved". She uses wonderful natural resources that she finds amidst her cozy home in a gorgeous wooded surroundings! She inspires me to move outside my artistic comfort zone and risk arranging collage elements in new and creative ways! You can stroll through her delicious creations on her blog. So congrats Joanna and I pray a continued blessing on your health and creativity!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kindred Spirit Friends

I spent some time today with a friend of the heart. We need friends in our lives that encourage our passions and cradle our tears. Friends in whose presence we can breathe fully. To be this kind of friend to another is one of life's most precious experiences that offers so many opportunities for growth. It just asks that we listen and offer ourselves in authenticity and transparency. To walk alongside and share in the journey of a friend can deepen our understanding of ourselves and the path we also find ourselves on. I looked around the room my friend and I found ourselves in..... pairs and groups leaned in towards each other over cups of designer coffees...sharing their week's triumphs and failures....and was grateful to have kindred friends sprinkled throughout so many phases of my own life.

So thank a precious friend today. Give of yourself maybe in a way you have not dared before. Allow someone to be truly who they are in your presence. Watch the walls melt away.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Secrets Unspoken" and "Free My Heart"

Art Card Musings

I got a chance to play in the studio on this lazy and quiet Sunday afternoon. I had been having a bit of a creative lull it seems lately but finally had some inspiration flow into my heart and onto these art cards. Each of these pieces were listed on Ebay today.

The first piece is titled "Transcending". I love the imagery and symbolism of wings.The possibilty of flight and the hope of transcending from our present circumstances or move out of ourselves and into the realm of transformation.

" Secrets Unspoken" ponders revealing the authentic self and speaking that which had remained unspoken. Truth can be bound and silenced. Between bondage and release many great personal battles are waged.

"Free My Heart" calls out to God for restoration and the depth of soul freedom that only He can bring . We must be willing to come as a child and offer our hearts for healing.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I have always been drawn to images of innocence in my art. There is a depth of purity to found in the eyes of these innocent babes that pulls at my heart. For each sweet child that finds his or her way into one of my collages I always pray there is one child being found, saved, nurtured and loved in this world. So much heartache seems to come into the lives of these precious ones. I was reminded again with yet another news story last night. Remember to reach out in love to the children God places in your path. Speak into their lives. Take the opportunity to tell them of their great worth and amazing uniqueness. Teach them something new and miraculous. Make them feel safe. We each have an endless supply of love to give. Love is a natural resource and our greatest gift.

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Journey

Welcome as I begin to explore the next step in my creative journey. I have been blessed to share my artwork on line the past few years on Ebay and felt it was time to venture into the world of websites and blogging after much encouragement from my wonderful artist friends. My website is currently under construction and as I have time over the rest of the summer I will be adding new work and sharing artistic musings as they find their way into my heart ( and quite honestly as I figure out all the ins and outs of how to manage the computer!). Taking new steps requires such patience and generous amounts of mercy and grace! My hope is, eventually, this might be an encouraging refuge of images, thoughts and words....a place to take a few minutes, breathe, take in fresh beauty and soulful reflections . So thanks for stopping by......